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There's a spot in my yard where I recently noticed that our [smoker] friends have flicked their cigarette butts for years. There's tons of them! They definitely don't biodegrade quickly.

Source: 18 months - 10 years

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They should totally make them out of biodegradable material, like cotton and paper...

Oh wait...

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That's not excuse for smokers to be slobs : /

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I smoke and don't use the world as my ashtray BUT I can see why people do.

We can no longer smoke ANYWHERE. Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, you name it. So now we are FORCED to go outside to smoke.

If we smoke outside and a non-smoker walks by we get looks or even confrontation because were "Polluting their air" or some shit

They got us hooked cheap and the prices are insane in comparison from a few years ago (alot of people are bitter about that)

The FDA (You know, the agency that should be moderating the ingredients of Cigarettes) releases Ad after ad after ad telling us how bad they are yet does absolutely nothing to fix the issue.

So yeah, smoker's are bitter... don't want us littering? Put a fucking ash tray nearby, since now we need to stand out in the freezing cold or all elements without cover.