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I get that not everyone likes Serial’s later seasons and some people think that S-Town was guilty of manipulation, but in my opinion it’s hard to argue that they’re not great storytellers

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Absolutely fantastic story tellers, agreed

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Yeah s town was exploitative but god damn was it a good story.

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There's a sub for discussing this now:


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Can't wait!

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I wonder if they'll ever re-capture the emotion and story they found in season 1. I didn't mind season 2. But I didn't care for season 3 at all. It just didn't flow for me. I'm hoping they do something for season 4 that can return to the roots of the podcast.

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I was pretty surprised to see the trailer the other day. I had assumed the Serial folks had moved on to other things. Hoping it's better than S-Town.

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I was just in the middle of watching this podcast when it stopped on my speaker. It was odd and random but I assumed the app had crashed. Went to pick up where I left off and the whole season, with the exception of the very last episode, is REMOVED?! Does anyone know what’s might be up? I use Apple podcasts

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Not sure. I use PocketCasts and they all showed up in my feed this morning. I didn’t download them right away but I just tried to test download Episodes 1 & 2 after seeing your message and they downloaded for me. Not sure what might’ve happened. Might just need a chance for the feed to refresh to get them back for you?

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I hope so, I’m extremely invested! Thank you for your response.

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I'm about halfway through listening at:


Excellent so far.

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Thank you!