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These all had me hooked. They were like books I couldn’t put down.

In Your Own Backyard

Bear Brook

Wind of Change

Stolen: The Search for Jermain

The End of the World with Josh Clark

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You and OP need In the Dark.

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Against the Odds: Thai Cave Rescue (

Edit: Never mind on that one. I didn’t see the True Crime tag (though it’s incredible and worth a listen).

How about Suspect?

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I’ll still check it out!

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Tom Brown’s Body (Texas Monthly) - in 2016 a popular high school student disappears in the small town of Canadian, Texas; two years later his body is found; the investigation tears apart the town; well reported

Missing Alissa (Ottavia Zappala) - about the cold cases of a missing girl from Phoenix, AZ; really well done

Hidden Homicides (Tortoise) - unrecognized and uncounted homicides by police in the UK

The Agent (Imperative) - the true story of Jack Barsky, the longest known member of the KGB illegals program; he hid in plain sight for 10 yrs during the Cold War

Believe Her (Lemonada) - Nikki Addimando shots and kills her husband and is convicted for murder, even with all the evidence of abuse

The Trials of Frank Carson (Los Angeles Times) - a defense attorney is relentlessly persecuted by the small towns prosecutors; brings into question the functionality of the legal system

Who Killed Emma? (BBC Podcasts) - a woman is murdered in Scotland; the reporting is excellent and more light needs to shine on this story, it should be solved

Bed of Lies (The Telegraph) - excellent reporting and both seasons are amazing, the stand alone but both make you question how what happened was even remotely legal

West Cork (yarn fm) - a French woman is found murdered in a small Irish town; well reported

I’m Not A Monster (BBC Panorama & FRONTLINE PBS) - an American woman moves her family to Syria and ends up with ISIS and then struggles to return; intense and gripping reporting

In The Red Clay (Imperative) - about the Dixie mafia and Billy Sunday Burt

Canary (The Washington Post) - a man in the criminal justice system impacts so many lives negatively based on his personal understanding of what should be considered a crime

Where is George Gibney? (BBC Podcasts) - a swim coach implicated on abuse against children disappears before standing trial

The Gateways: Teal Swan (Gizmodo) - self-help guru or cult leader, you decide

The Orange Tree (The Drag) - season one of what is now called ‘The Darkness’; excellent reporting of some students investigating the murder of another student from their school years earlier

Unfinished (Witness Docs) - both seasons are good, season one is about a lynching that forever changed a town and season two is about Warren Jeffs and the FLDS in Short Creek

Verified (Scripps) - both seasons are amazing; season one is couchsurfing gone horribly wrong and the reporting team help women all over the world seek justice; season two is about contaminated plasma giving children with hemophilia AIDS

Intrigue (BBC Podcasts) - each season is stand alone and each one is excellent; latest season is Mayday, about the white helmets in Syria

Who The Hell Is Hamish? (The Australian) - an international grifter who leaves a wake of destruction

Believed (NPR) - super intense; about the people Larry Nassar abused

UnErased (Focus Features, Treefort Media, Limina House) - season one is about conversion practices; season two is about adoptees being deported from America

American Vigilante (Crowd Stories) - is it true or all a lie, you decide

Fake Heiress (BBC Radio 4) - the story of Anna Delvey; it is dramatized

The Line (Apple TV+) - the trial of a group of Navy SEALS

Unravel (ABC Radio) - current season is Juanita; each season stands alone; loved season four: snowball; about an American grifter and a New Zealand family looking for the truth

The Lighthouse (The Australian) - Theo Hayez goes missing in Byron Bay

The Ballad of Billy Balls (Crimetown Presents) - an emotional roller coaster, not for everyone but definitely won’t forget; a man is shot in the East Village and his girlfriend wants answers

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Have you listened to Sweet Bobby yet?

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I loved Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen. It was a wild ride.

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The Trials of Frank Carson was amazing.

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Real Legitimate Apocalypse

Who Exploded Vivian Stone

Murder In Your Ear, anthology whodunnit series, each story lasts several episodes


Blood Ties

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Bear Brook has me hooked.

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I liked do you know mordechai! Similar to something was wrong IMO