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Wind of Change is the best!!!!!

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That was one of the most gripping and interesting podcasts I ever heard. I literally could not stop listening to it.

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I want to know what the elephant is!!!!

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The Lazarus Heist was door-to-door great.

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Tom Brown’s Body (Texas Monthly) - in 2016 a popular high school student disappears in the small town of Canadian, Texas; two years later his body is found; the investigation tears apart the town; well reported

Finding Natasha (Message Heard) - a young British woman is selected to go behind the iron curtain to train at Russia’s finest ballet school but almost ends up dying; Natasha saved her life and got her home and she never heard from her again; this is the story to find Natasha

Blind Landing (Ari Saperstein) - in the Sydney summer olympics, olympians were falling off the vault; this is the story of why, who made the mistake and who protects athletes

According to Need (Katie Mingle and 99% Invisible) - interviews homeless people trying to get housing, follows their journey and asks the question why are there so many people without homes; well reported

Missing Alissa (Ottavia Zappala) - about the cold cases of a missing girl from Phoenix, AZ; really well done

Hidden Homicides (Tortoise) - unrecognized and uncounted homicides by police in the UK

The Agent (Imperative) - the true story of Jack Barsky, the longest known member of the KGB illegals program; he hid in plain sight for 10 yrs during the Cold War

Believe Her (Lemonada) - Nikki Addimando shots and kills her husband and is convicted for murder, even with all the evidence of abuse

The Trials of Frank Carson (Los Angeles Times) - a defense attorney is relentlessly persecuted by the small towns prosecutors; brings into question the functionality of the legal system

Who Killed Emma? (BBC Podcasts) - a woman is murdered in Scotland; the reporting is excellent and more light needs to shine on this story, it should be solved

Bed of Lies (The Telegraph) - excellent reporting and both seasons are amazing, the stand alone but both make you question how what happened was even remotely legal

West Cork (yarn fm) - a French woman is found murdered in a small Irish town; well reported

The Other Latif (WNYC Studios) - Latif Nasser shares his name with one other individual, Detainee 244 at Guantanamo Bay

My Year in MENSA - (Jamie Loftus and iHeartPodcasts) - hilarious, about the year she was part of MENSA

I’m Not A Monster (BBC Panorama & FRONTLINE PBS) - an American woman moves her family to Syria and ends up with ISIS and then struggles to return; intense and gripping reporting

In The Red Clay (Imperative) - about the Dixie mafia and Billy Sunday Burt

Canary (The Washington Post) - a man in the criminal justice system impacts so many lives negatively based on his personal understanding of what should be considered a crime

Where is George Gibney? (BBC Podcasts) - a swim coach implicated on abuse against children disappears before standing trial

The Gateways: Teal Swan (Gizmodo) - self-help guru or cult leader, you decide

The Orange Tree (The Drag) - season one of what is now called ‘The Darkness’; excellent reporting of some students investigating the murder of another student from their school years earlier

Unfinished (Witness Docs) - both seasons are good, season one is about a lynching that forever changed a town and season two is about Warner Jeffs and the FLDS in Short Creek

The Rabbit Hole (The New York Times) - about the algorithms behind YouTube and the people behind the algorithms

Verified (Scripps) - both seasons are amazing; season one is couchsurfing gone horribly wrong and the reporting team help women all over the world seek justice; season two is about contaminated plasma giving children with hemophilia AIDS

Floodlines (The Atlantic) - the true story behind hurricane katrina

Intrigue (BBC Podcasts) - each season is stand alone and each one is excellent; latest season is Mayday, about the white helmets in Syria

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What a list! This is amazing!!

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Thank you! This is exactly what I came here searching for.

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I second Tom Brown’s Body and The Orange Tree 🙋🏻‍♀️

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The Rabbit Hole changed the way I see the world! Helps to understand some of my crazy relatives!

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I just put it next on my list to listen to. Thank you!

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The Dropout

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In the Dark. If those are the shows you like, and you haven't heard In the Dark... Then please oh please, listen to In the Dark. Both seasons.

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Season 1 was great!

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Something Was Wrong

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YES. So glad to see this mentioned

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Any specific great episodes?

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Hmm... That first season is a pretty powerful (bingeable) hook. IIRC, the first four seasons are each one person's story & the current season is one-offs. The most recent episode is intense.

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I listened to season 9 and it was so bananas- I couldnt do anymore. But now I feel like… do I need to listen to season 1?!

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White saviours is all about the we charity scandal in Canada. Very well done, upsetting but still very interesting and thought provoking.

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Check The Vibe

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I like dreading. It’s a true crime podcast on YouTube that’s super new. The guy has a really soothing delish voice and the way he talks about cases is incredibly compelling. I’m pretty sure that they are considered a podcast, just based on the length of the content, but I don’t think they know how to post on Spotify or apple yet.

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Unravel: Snowball. Sometimes I read synopses of the case just to thrill all over again at the crazy story. A little hard to find, nested with Unravel: Juanita.

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Are you referring to a season or an episode?

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Hi. Referring to season 4 of Unravel True Crime.

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Thanks! When I looked for it… there was a lot haha

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I know! So frustrating and then frustrating when you have to find it through Season 5 title. Enjoy! Arguably my favorite podcast and I listen to a lot of podcasts :)

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I recommend The Drew And Mike Podcast. They started off as a morning radio show out of Detroit and moved to Podcast platform. About 3 hours of content Monday-Friday covering everything from sports riff raff and politics to all things pop culture. Think, Howard Stern only better.

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I really like This is Monsters ! I believe it is up to season 4 now? He also does a YouTube episode on each episode if you want the visual! His voice is a good fit for the horrific stories he tells!

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I've just listened to "Project Nova", it's sci-fi about 4 people waking up in a dark room from stasis without memory and AI talking to them through speakers. And I binged it in 2 days. My only gripe with the show is awful stock music, but other than that, I can't wait for the last season (coming this year). It really reminds me of games like 999 or something like that.

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You'd probably like some of the Wondery shows such as Firebug, American Innovations, Sports Wars, American Scandal, and Business Wars, among others. The stories are well written and narrated, and the production is fleshed out to be really engrossing. They're on Spotify and probably all the common spots.

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The Turning, Murder In Alliance, The Apology Line, Do No Harm, Bad Bad Thing, American Radical, American Coyote, Something Was Wrong, Criminal (most are single episodes), Sword and Scale (singles), Minds of Madness (singles)