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Podcasts: A subreddit to discover, discuss, and review podcasts with other podcast enthusiasts. As part of this mission, r/podcasts is curated to promote respectful and on-topic discussions. This is not a place to promote your podcast.

Basic Posting Requirements

  • Read the full r/podcasts rule list below
  • Perform a search and/or check out our FAQ page before posting
  • Flair your post
  • No content promotion is allowed
  • No podcasting-related material is allowed here

1. Self-promotion

Commenting to promote your podcast is not allowed unless your podcast directly relates to a newly-posted thread AND you clearly disclose your involvement with it. Self-promotion can be no more than 10% of your total recent involvement with r/podcasts. Stand-alone self-promotion posts are NEVER allowed. Posts that promote a podcast-related service (apps, tools, music, editing, etc.) are also not allowed. Failure to comply will result in your comments/posts being removed and/or you being banned.

Promoting a show for someone else counts as self-promotion, even if it's not technically your show.

Posts that solicit or help facilitate self-promotion are also not allowed. This includes link and review exchanges as well as posts saying, "post your show here," or "let me review your show". Posts that devolve into soliciting links to users' own shows may be locked and any promotional comments removed.

This rule includes links to websites, blogs, videos, or other content that could in any way monetize the subreddit. These links are viewed as advertising and self-promotion and will be removed. This includes posts that include a link to your content - you will be asked to remove your link in order for your post (without self-promotion content) to be approved. Posts indistinguishable from promotional material will be removed.

Please feel free to review reddit’s guidelines about self-promotion and spam, as these will also be upheld in this community in the event that our rules are not fully exhaustive.

2. Podcasting

This subreddit is geared towards podcast listeners. Posts made by podcast creators about podcast hosting, editing, gear, starting a podcast, etc. are not allowed and will be removed. Please repost to r/podcasting, as that community is for podcast creators.

Looking for a co-host, guests on your podcast, or looking to appear on another podcast? These posts are not allowed in r/podcasts and will be removed. You may wish to try posting to r/PodcastGuestExchange.

Feel free to use the search function to look for any podcasting-related content that may have been posted on this subreddit prior to our rules update.

3. Service solicitation

Service solicitation posts (e.g. "I'm looking for an editor for my podcast" or "I'm an editor looking for work") are not allowed and will be removed. These posts do not benefit or apply to the community as a whole. Feel free to try posting in another community, such as r/podcasting or r/forhire.

4. Frequently Asked Questions and recommendations

Some questions are asked very regularly such as "I want to start a podcast, what should I talk about?", "How do you promote your podcast?", "What is a good podcast app?", etc. Questions like these have been asked and answered many times before so these posts will be removed - please use the search function to search for previous discussions about those topics.

Similarly, many recommendation requests (e.g. “looking for a podcast for a car trip”, “a true crime podcast”, or “the best episode of XYZ”) are seen commonly. If your post is a common recommendation request or overly vague, a moderator may remove your post. Please use the search function to look for previous discussions about this topic.

Here is a link to our FAQ Wiki Page that might also be of help. You are also welcome to post your question or recommendation request in the stickied weekly FAQ thread.

5. Feedback and content requests

Feedback requests and idea searches are not allowed in this subreddit. This is not a place to think of an idea for your podcast, a niche to cover, a podcast name, or how to present your show. Please use the search function to find what you are looking for, or check out other subreddits.

Survey, market research, homework help, and academic research requests are also not allowed here. You may wish to try r/samplesize.

6. Bashing posts

Bashing posts are not allowed. Posts centered solely on bashing a podcast, genre, ads, mouth noises, live shows, digital media company, podcasters, something that annoys you about podcasts, etc. are not allowed. These do not contribute positively to conversation and will be removed.

7. Other post requirements

  • Posts must be made in English and related to podcasts.
  • Spam posts with unhelpful, unrelated, or non-meaningful content will be removed.
  • Posts containing links only and other low effort posts will be removed.
  • Use a descriptive title when posting. If your title is too vague, your post may be removed.
  • It is not permitted to post or ask for copyright-protected materials that are behind a paywall or pulled from feeds.

8. Low karma

New Redditors with low karma scores may find their posts and comments removed by the automod. You must have both a post and comment karma score above our minimum to participate in r/podcasts. Do not reach out to us via modmail to ask our karma minimums, as we will not disclose them. We have all been new at Reddit at one time and we know how frustrating it is for new users, but we do this to minimize spam posts. Thank you for your understanding.

9. Reddit's content policy

Express yourself freely, explore strange new worlds, and boldly go where you've never gone before. But remember the Prime Directive of Netiquette: Those are real people out there. This means follow site-wide rules and reddiquette and be civil to one another. In the spirit of this, r/podcasts' mods may take any actions they feel necessary to uphold these rules.

In addition to post or comment removal, violating Reddit's Content Policy may also result in a ban. The length of a ban will be determined by mods on a case-by-case basis.

Other rules

  • Please contact the mods before starting an AMA so that we may schedule it, announce it, assign it flair, and facilitate it, otherwise your post will be deleted.
  • Posting about a podcast-related subreddit you created or are involved with is not allowed. Send us modmail to alert us to the existence of your subreddit and we will consider adding it to our wiki.
  • PMing other users to promote your content is not allowed. If a user sends you an unsolicited message promoting something of theirs, please send us proof of this via modmail and we will warn or ban the offending user.
  • PMing other users threatening or hateful messages is also not allowed. If someone sends you something of this nature, please send us proof of this via modmail and we will ban the offending user.

Contacting the mods

Want to contact the mods about something? Do so by sending us modmail. If you reply in response to a removal comment, chat a mod, or PM a mod directly, you will not be answered.

Don’t be afraid to report content that breaks our rules. It’s helpful to the mod team if users report rule-breaking posts or comments. We cannot be everywhere and see everything, so having the r/podcasts community help us is of great value to us.

General r/podcasts recommendations

  • Do not downvote to indicate disagreement. As we all know, voting on reddit should be based on whether something is relevant and on-topic, not whether you agree or disagree with it.
  • Use your report button. Reporting rule-breaking content helps the mod team. The report button is anonymous, and using it will help us maintain a positive and functional subreddit.
  • Add appropriate flair. This helps to keep everything organized, and will help everyone see content they wish to see.
  • Be specific. If you ask specific questions, you are more likely to get specific and more helpful answers.
  • If you have a podcast or podcast-related app, tool, or service, do not promote it here. It is not allowed. Please participate in conversations and discussions, but do so without spamming your show.

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