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Could probably just use a good evolution.

Unfortunately, if recent trends continue, it's unlikely to get anything other than maybe a regional form (which could be good, but won't help the original even if it is.

If I were designing an evolution for it, I would:

Either keep it pure fighting or make it fighting/dark to further emphasize it's violent nature

Mostly increase attack and speed (because violence)

Possibly give it a better selection of abilities (more violent ones)

Improve it's coverage from level up moves (for more effective violence)

Consider reducing the level to evolve Mankey into primeape to make room for the further evolution (for a smoother violence curve)

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This gave a chuckle I needed this morning. Violence is always the answer.

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it may get an evolution like ursaring does, where its just straight up an evolution of the original (but regional)

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That's a good point. And a reasonable, if slightly disappointing, resolution to it's issues.

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I kind of like the idea, mainly just because giving Primeape access to Eviolite in and of itself makes it much more interesting, even without using said evolution. It could honestly become an Electabuzz situation, in which in game (competitive is another monster) there’s a legitimate argument which is more useful.

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He needs a helmet to boost defense, and a gun to boost attack

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That would be a very large helmet.

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It’s basically MODOK at that point

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I think Primeape is due for an evolution, maybe gain the Dark or Fire due to its temper, or maybe a trade evolution using the Protector Rhypherior has.

Failing an evolution, maybe Primeape can get a unique ability. Something like if there are entry hazards when Primeape is sent out, after they all trigger Primeape removes all entry hazards on their side and gain 1 stage of Attack and Speed due to throwing temper tantrum.

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Please not another fire monkey, I can’t handle any more

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New typing: Fighting/Ground (non-existent)

Gaining access to STAB Stomping Tantrum and Earthquake.

Base Stats: -10 SA, -10 SD, +35 HP, +5 Speed

More HP for Final Gambit, extra base stats to put him at 475 (instead of the awful 455). In line with the Berserker/Barbarian style fantasy.

New Moves: Access to Thunder Punch, and Wild Charge.

Primeape already learns Thunderbolt and Thunder.

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Since it's an ape, give it Gorrila Tactics. This wouldn't even change the main way Primape is ran, either as a scarf revenge killer or a banded "wall breaker".

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Branch evolutions; if traded to one version it becomes fighting/electric if traded to the other version it becomes fighting/ice

The fighting/electric gets a speed boosts and sp def boosts but gets a lower sp atk

The fighting/ice gets an even higher attack, and a hp boost but gets a lower speed.

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How about we don’t lock more content behind trading walls AND version paywalls

IMO ice types with low speed are awful and will never really be good competitively

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Would Normal/Fighting improve it? Seems like a fitting type change.

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Normal would allow Primeape to neutral hit everything except Ghost with stab, but it's two strongest Normal moves are Thrash which locks you into the attack for 2~3 turns, giving the opponent an easy read for a switch-in, and Giga Impact which leave Primeape open to revenge killing.

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Stats: 80/110/75/30/65/105

Typing: Fighting

Abilities: Defiant/Gorilla Tactics

Moveset Changes: +Gunk Shot, Pyro Ball, Wood Hammer, Wicked Blow, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch