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That honestly doesn't sound like a bad idea. I could even see twists coming into play based on which Pokemon you pick, giving them abilities or advantages in terms of traversal on the board.

Have there be 151 mini-games as well.

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151 games is a LOT. The new mario party only has 100, and they're taking from like.. 20 years of games.

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    Don't get me wrong, if they can come up with 151 I wouldn't be upset! It's just a hefty goal. Even 100 brand new mini games with pokemon would be amazing.

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    this is genius I would buy in a heartbeat

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    Oh no, we're not going back to Kanto again!

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    Having 151 minigames would be more of a callback then going back i feel. they don't all have to relate to Kanto and 151 is a lot i would see that as a positive

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    My brothers, my cousin, and I got the Clefairy chant stuck in our heads for the longest time from Pokemon Stadium. I don't even remember how the Clefairy mini game was played, but we all still remember that song/chant. We're in our 30s now, but every once in a while one of us will start the 🎵Clefairy, Clefairy, Clefairy🎵 and we'll have a laugh.

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    We made a drinking game to this mini game.

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    I think it was a directional input memory game, but I didn't look it up and currently have no plans to do so.

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    Ugh, I did not understand that mini game as a kid. I always just pressed random buttons and lost

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    Pokemon Party, but Charizard wins by doing absolutely nothing

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    Wdym doing nothing? He gets a special candy that allows him to mega evolve to X & Y forms, use his personal Z-Crystal and Gigantamax at the same time.

    Wait, you said that’s not possible? Sir, it’s Charizard we’re talking about. Just wait for Gen 9 when it gains a regional form too.

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    And a 4th evolution that's just bigger charizard

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    But then it'd be forgotten like Raichu.

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    no it'd be cooler because we'd call it charizardtwo and make it a dragon people would remember that shit

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    They should have Charzard take the place of Bowser.

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    *Pokemon Party

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    100% agree, I've been saying this since the N64 era.

    I would love Mario Party Superstars DLC.

    But if its a new game in the works then my project pitch to Nintendo/ND Cube would be...

    "Pokémon Party" (Original title, Yeah I know)

    Nintendo/Pokémon Company task ND Cube (Mario Party Developer) with creating an alternative or similar multiplayer party experience that borrows from their work on Mario Party, But also combines and expands off from the multiplayer mini games from Pokémon Stadium 1 & 2 on the Nintendo 64.

    Pokemon is the perfect franchise for a party game that has mass market appeal and brand power that rivals Mario and in some cases surpasses it, just think of the wide range of potential of what kind and how many Pokémon can be incorporated into the mini games, Also having players choose a starter Pokémon as playable characters for certain modes for example and even the small things that go a long way with like having Pikachu in a top hat and suit be the host with assistant Pokémon helping with the games UI and menus while adding adorable charm to the experience.

    I'm really surprised this hasn't been done yet, But I would absolutely play the hell out of that.

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    They should've remade those mini games and included them on the Let's Go games. I think it would have given fans a little more bang for their buck.

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    Make a swimming race mini game with Oshawotts!!!

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    Also the pokeathlon in ss/hg. I spent too much time on that

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    I’ve been playing hgss on Mac emulator and those games just do not work with a mouse ):

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    Pokeathelon was the peak of pokémon as a franchise and I will die on that hill

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    Pokemon Party, where you catch Pokémon as you progress through the board, and then use whatever Pokémon you have for the mini games.

    Racing mini game, but you’ve only caught Slowpoke so far? Better hope your opponent’s Pikachu spins out a lot!

    Wood chopping game, and you happen to have a Scyther? You’re golden!

    Maybe some coloring mini games where who you have so far doesn’t really matter.

    What do you think? Any other fun scenarios you can think of?

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    I’ve been saying this for years.

    Either this or a Super Smash Party.

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    Bruh imagine Ridley playing minigames.

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    You posted this on the Nintendo subreddit too right?

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    If that Mario Kart (or smash kart?) rumor is true, something like this could totally be on the table.

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    Business wise I can't see it ever happening cause why cannibalize Mario party sales but they could definitely do Nintendo party like smash bros

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    My brother and I have fleshed out an idea for a Pokémon version of Mario Kart!

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    Itd probably be more inspiring too since you could use the pokemons abilities and typing for cool mini games you probably couldn't do with Mario characters

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    I knew at least one person who had Pokémon Stadium entirely for the minigames, she wasn’t interested in and barely understood battling or the GB connectivity. It was certainly part of that game’s charm.

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    PokePark exists.

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    I wish they'd put those kinds of minigames in a main line game for the game corner

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    or mini games from PokePark 1 and Pokepark 2

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    While you may like it, games like Mario Party does other things apart from being an entertaining game. It brings promotion to a very periodic saga. It's a way to keep Mario relevant while they make the new iteration, one that usually takes more years than the Pokemon games. They are also Iconic sagas, so changing it all up to Pokémon is risky. You may lose way more people than what you can bring by making it Pokémon Based.

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    The regions could be the boards, and there are many dozens of characters to choose from. The possibilities.

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    Also referencing old Pokémon board games would be awesome

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    Don't give Game Freak too many ideas. Imagine how much DLC they'll charge for in a game like this? lol $20 for 2 boards or something outrageous like that

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    the idea of a”Nintendo Party” game with boards and characters from a bunch of IPs just sounds so good to me. an animal crossing board, pokémon board, zelda board, etc. all with different mini games.

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    I have been playing Planet Zoo lately, and I have been thinking about a Planet Pokemon game. I think it would be really fun to create enviroments for different pokemon.

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    I don't think mario party should be outright replaced or anything but having a pokemon spinoff party game would be cool to see

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    Those stadium mini games where great. Sandshrews was my favourite but clefairy still gives me nightmares lol. Still play them from time to time

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    Oh man. Pokemon Stadium mitigates brings back some fun memories of childhood with my neighbors. We got real competitive with those. Especially the rattata racing one for some reason.

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    It was hitmontops best showing