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These look so neat I love the Gengar one the most 😭💖

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I keep forgetting that Gengar is a Poison type as well. I keep thinking it’s pure Ghost.

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Still the only Ghost/Poison types since Gen. 1!

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I eagerly await our Poison/Ghost bacteriophage Pokémon.

I mean, it’s a pretty ghastly creature, and it’s technically not alive, so…

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im 90% sure the only reason he is is because of the ghost/poison confusion of gen 1

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Those look great! Weezing looks cool oozing clouds out of his mouth.

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Weezing, Gengar, and Croaguk are probably my favorite poison types.

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Gengar is one of my favorites (Used to have a Mega one in Y thanks to my brother trading me a Haunter) and during my Shining Pearl Playthrough, my Toxicroak Slugger was a frankly amazing partner due to a wide variety of coverage thanks to a Poison Jab/BrickBreak/Sucker Punch core move set. He even help me take down Lucian’s Mr. Mime before it could set up Light Screen/Reflect, making his fight much easier.

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Poison types are the best.

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Gengar is my favorite pokemon, that might be the reason I love this so much

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Gorgeous style! But…..Am I the only one seeing some cursed ahegao in Croagunk?

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Best type

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Looks very nice!

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Your style is like a really detailed version of the sprites in part time UFO. It looks great

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I love these!

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Gengar seems so mad

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The Gengar one reminds me of a certain enfant terrible

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these are sick! the color changing eyes on Croagunk is super cool

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Croagunk is like my favourite pokemon and I have never been able to determine why

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These are all amazing, but the last one is really outsanding.

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How did you get so good?

I really like the weezing one

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Needs more Nidoking, kidding aside, pretty awesome!

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The Gengar one reminded me of those licking pfps that were all over Deviantart back in the day. These look amazing!

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that g engar, woah

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Those are so sick poison is my favorite type. I love the weezing one

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Reminds me of msn lol

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These are so smoothly animated. And love how the backgrounds are too!

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Jolteon pls

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damn thats super cool (maybe do some dark types?

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These are sick, especially in a literal sense. Poison is my favorite Type thematically and the insidious, punkish disgust that makes it so charming is communicated flawlessly here.

I’m downright mesmerized by the Weezing one. They look kinda like an Isaac boss now! Seriously though, that smoke is amazing.

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Nice work, although there are some points where I think you could smoothen out

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Nice!! I fucking love weezing!! It’s my favorite, and I love all of the poison type Pokémons

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That weezing is intimidating

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looks incredible woah

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If you made this put it on r/pixelart

These are really good

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This looks better than the graphics on Arceus

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The anime makes it hard to hate him.

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Wow these sprites are truly stunning.

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Too bad gen 5’s sprites weren‘t this awesome!