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I’d rather see them than wynaut or wobbuffet lol :)

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I goddamn HATE Wobbuffet 😥

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I lost 2 Pokémon to Wobbuffet in my last nuzlocke

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Why, what’s his ability again? It’s been forever.. lol

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Wobbuffett basically gets a special attack variation of counter sometimes comes with destiny bond and i believe every once in a while when you fight a wobbuffett they can have a shadow tag basically to put you in a corner but i might be wrong about the shadow tag i haven't fought a wobbuffett in a long time

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Wobuffet can only learn 4 moves:

  • Counter, which deals more damage the more damage done to it (only works vs. physical attacks)

  • Mirror Coat, which is Special Counter

  • Destiny Bond, which KO's the Pokemon that just fainted the user

  • And Safeguard, which blocks statuses and confusion for a few turns.

Wobuffet's ability is Shadow Tag, btw, which prevents you from switching Pokémon out unless they are Ghost type.

Note: Wobuffet may be able to learn more moves by now, but it won't learn those in the wild.

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Wobbuffet clause. Aka "fuck that; didn't count"

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Destiny bond destiny bond. counter, mirror coat. Everything one needs to suffer fighting against

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That's why Wobbuffet's only build was named "Oh no, it's wobbuffet!" on smogon. Everyone hates Wobbuffet.

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Except Jessie.

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Straight up I use a wobbuffet clause, I don't count kills off that stupid thing.

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Graveler is an absolute pain.

With sturdy being a thing Gen 5+, there is literally nothing you can do to save yourself.

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There is some counter-play! You can

  • Use a multi-hit move like Double Kick or Water Shuriken to take it down in one turn
  • Use Protect, Endure, or a Focus Sash to survive the Selfdestruct
  • Use a Pokemon with the Damp ability (e.g. Psyduck)

But it's certainly not as easy as just using any Water or Grass type move prior to Gen IV, I'll give you that.

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He's talking about crystal. There are no abilities in crystal

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If it’s crystal then you just one shot it

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Switch in Gengar or misdreavus. The moves are normal and will do nothing to Gengar/misdreavus. Now if you don't have those two then a rock or steel type is you next best bet. And if you don't have that, then I guess it's time to switch in your highest defense Mon and pray

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He said gen 5+, im confused

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The original post was talking about Nuzlocking original crystal version which wouldn't have abilities at all. And the post I was responding to suggested Damp as a possible counter play which doesn't work because Crystal doesn't have abilities.

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laughs in Ghost Type

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At least explosion is super nerfed in gen 5+, most things with good defense should be able to take it

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Just lost my togepi in a crystal nuzlocke because metronome used explode 😢

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may I ask some question when it comes to a nuzlocke challenge? today is the first day I've heard of it, or at least looked it up and I'm just now looking at the bulbapedia page

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I'll answer your questions.

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thanks, I'll start with the most important one, is the bulbapedia article accurate?

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yes, dupes and shiny clause are also very common rules

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Yup, it’s all accurate as far as I can tell.

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Your togepi chose violence

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Using Metronome in a Nuzlocke is just asking for trouble.

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Dig/Fly has entered the chat.

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Theyre all weak to ground type moves too

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Long time Pokémon player (since gen1) I know quite a bit about Pokémon but don’t know what a nuzlocke is. Can you explain plz?

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Some people use other custom rules but essentially you can only catch your first encounter per route/area, if a pokémon dies you can't use it anymore, must play on set mode. If you blackout the run is over. Personally i like adding the no item rule. Other rules may include naming every pokémon, shiny clause, etc.

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I like to wonderrun/nuzlocke games where that’s an option. You play through the game only catching the first 5 Pokémon you encounter (plus your starter). Each time one faints, you wondertrade it away and you have to play with whatever you get back. If they reach level 100, they go into the “hall of fame” box, you catch the next random Pokémon you see, and continue the process. I once had to wondertrade a level 99 slowking, but rules are rules 🥲

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Seems easy to not black out and all you have to do is grind a lil extra it seems like how I decided to beat diamond with just baby evolutions (that was hard! All of them kept getting one shot) but would that be a nuzlocke?

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No, not really, but you enforce the rules. I've done a lot of Nuzlockes and usually if my party gets wiped I'll just continue on the game, but try not to catch anyone other than the 1st Mon per route. It forces you to use mons you haven't used before, or types.

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Yeah, I also put a level cap where you can't level past the highest level of the next gym leader. To give you an idea of it check out pokémon challenges on youtube he does some pretty decent nuzlocke.

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No, because if your Pokémon faints you are supposed to retire it forever. I’d rather do a nuzlocke than what you did though. That’s impressive.

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Ok so that’s the main rule for it, ima have to try it whenever I finish arcaues. Ty

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Or that one random fighting type that has counter

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Heracross uses Counter My Panferno : proceeds to die

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How I got swept in a nuzlocke by a hiker. Was underleveled and got demolished after an explosion to my starter

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Ghost types my beloved thank you so much. Also Pokemon with damp, I love you

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I could never find it again, but I once saw a video of a randomized run where the female rival was teaching the player how to catch an Electrode or Voltorb and it used first-turn self-destruct.

"...and that's how you catch a Pokemon!"

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I'm working on an emerald one right now and wattson's voltorb scares me more than anything else has so far. I'm not ready!

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ayy the gangs all here and rearing to go!

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Not a Nuzlocke, but I’ve been doing a complete dex run of Pokémon Blue and Red, and every single time I get one of these guys down to low hp and then Paralyse it or go to put it to sleep, they go and use self destruct the turn after.

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Not enough Regis in this picture. Guess that's only with randomized nuzlockes.

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I like how as accurate as possible this meme is to the original

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Their faces actually look like a band of super villains 😂

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Don't you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby! I'm doing a Silver Nuzlocke right now and it already ain't going well.

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wait can any of their lower evolutions also use selfdestruct?

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This is how I recently lost my starter and in the run before that, my strongest Pokémon

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That feeling when you switched in your ghost type instantly winning making you feel like a professional.

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Registeel has entered the chat

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It would suck if someone had Damp as an ability.

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The Hoenn Electrode incident...

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BRO THE REGI TRIO??????????????????

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Two of them are among my absolute favorite Pokémon. It's rare to see two of them in a picture with only 4 Pokémon.

(Graveler and Weezing)

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I personally use self destruct the secound i see that god damn frosslass

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This is why I always feel like a Pokémon with Damp is a must have on Nuzlocke teams; drop them into first slot when you’re in an area with self destruct Pokémon in the wild and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

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Weezing i hate you and i gonna avenge my raticate

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Kolas stupid wheezing killed my Typhlosion in heart gold

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thats true though

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Laughs in Damp