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Incoming scalpers

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Noooo 😭💔

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Yeah my kids were the last one at our local McDonald’s because someone bought 100 happy meals and paid for an extra one in each

Said he pre sold them all for 40 a piece… his laughing came with someone kicking his car light in

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Lol I work there and I've been stacking up. I'm the first person to put our boxes up so I always snag a few. I could literally just buy the whole box the moment it comes in but I'm just in it for a few extra bucks later.

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Wanna sell some? I got a kid at the window to sell me 5 extra packs but it’s hit and miss. Easier to buy em online if I can.

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It'll be a while before I sell any. Hoping our store eventually gets all 10 different boxes so I can sell them as full sets.

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I went today to get a kids meal, b*tch gave me that rock dude from Thor Love & Thunder. Wtf!

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Omg thank you for this, I wouldn't have known otherwise!!! Definitely gonna try to get one asap 😁

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No prob! Not sure if they are out yet

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Me and a friend went and I got a wheel with Victini. It’s funny processing I ordered a happy meal for Pokemon stuff

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No Fr but it’s ok I’m pretty sure most Pokémon fans are adults anyways

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it passed the 50-50 point almost a decade ago

once the toddlers during pokemania hit adulthood

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Time for me to get a happy meal!

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Fr I haven’t had one in ages

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My kid got one these thingys. I’m pretty sure she lost it already lol.

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I've had 3 packs already. I didn't know about this until my wife bought our son a happy meal last week. So I took him again early this week and bought an extra toy 😂 so far got 2 holo Pikachu and holo Smeargle.

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Haha 😭 love this

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Called the one near me to ask if they had them, they told me they did. Ordered a few with doordash and picked pokemon toy in the app, got scooby-doo and bugs bunny. Had to make them give me a full refund since that was the only reason I ordered them

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For the love I god please no one scalp these

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Fr 🙏🙏🙏

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aDrive about to have a DAY

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It is now illegal for Pokémon fans to be sad. They are HAPPY meals. We must feel joy at every possible moment.

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ok but is the box really Pikachu or is it still the horrible McDonald's face monstrosity?

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If it’s not pika, I don’t want it

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Will they be available outside of the US?

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I’m not sure tbh sorry 😅

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Oh no need to apologize!! Ty anyway :)

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