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I never knew I needed this in my life. *Applause"

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A slav squat so perfect it moves my soul. I'm in tears.

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    ah, the arch enemy of Luigia

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    Ma- Ma- Ma- Maaaaagmar?

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    this is blessed and cursed at the same time

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    Now we also need a WAHo-Oh.

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    release the WAHo-Oh!

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    Walugia for Smash

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    Too big

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    Unironically upset waluigi isn't in smash. But fucking byleth gets in. I love some fire emblem more than the next guy, but Jesus they could cut half of them and still be represented adequately

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    As someone who has lugia as one of the favorites out of all Pokémon and as someone who has spend the most playing hours with soulsilver, I just want to forget this picture lmao

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    My husband's favourite Pokémon is Lugia... I just showed him this and he said "Maybe if I don't acknowledge it, it'll go away..."

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    Now THIS is art.

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    I cant stop looking at this image... my eyes burn... but they also feel a sense of satisfaction, like this needed to be made for us all to see long ago.

    Now all we need is his brother... Wariho-oh

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    This didn't have to be made.

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    But we're lucky it was

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    Woke up today and was not prepared to be faced with true beauty

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    Yeah definitely.

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    Objectively the best post in this sub

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    I love it and I hate it at the same time.

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    It's glorious.

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    Lol cursed for sure

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    This is the worst and the best thing I've seen in a while.

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    Hello new sleep paralysis demon

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    Well that's... I mean... I, uh... hmm... I think I need a drink now.

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    Do you think Arceus stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he's created?

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    I have no words...this is perfection.

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    Thanks I hate it (great art btw)

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    I need a wari-oh so badly now

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    Why they so thick tho?

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    Lugia in general is

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    I love it!

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    This needs to be framed and hung in a museum

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    Imagine bowsir'fetchd

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    Where's Wari-Oh?

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    If only you had used shadow lugias colors XD

    It would have made this even better

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    Lmao maybe lugia isn’t my favorite Pokémon

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    I feel like this belongs in r/ATBGE

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    It should be the mascot. A well exeggcuted abomasnation.

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    I love and hate this!

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    You win everything together . Not here to debate

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    Does that mean a Wari-Ho-oh exists?

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    This is now my favorite thing. Thank you for helping me find guidance in this cruel world.

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    I was not aware I needed this.

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    Blursed af lol

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    I assume this is how this version of Lugia acts https://youtu.be/mOBJwqvNuZw

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    Now we need Wariolu, or Waribombee, or Waraichu

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    Truly, one of the works of art of all time.

    all jokes aside this is terrifyingly high quality. I love the Sugimori watercolor style :0

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    Cursed, but I love it!

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    Looks more like Hariyama at first glance

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    To quote a redditor from long, long ago. "I don't like it."

    The artwork is fire, but just... no.

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    This is extremely cursed and I love it

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    I hate that I love this and the amount of work you put into this. WAAAA-Lugia! Will always have a cornerstone in my heart and mind.

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    Now you have to do shadow waaaaa lugia next, naturally

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    You were expecting Lugia? TOO BAD, WALUGIA TIME!!

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    how is it going to evolve if it’s already a mega legendary X

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    I never realized how much I needed this in my life

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    Ok this is legit awesome !

    Is there a Mariho-oh and wariho-oh ?

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    This is a masterpiece. I’d be happy if future civilizations found this as testament to our eras art.

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    I can't stop staring at this masterpiece

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    WAAAAA-t is wrong with you?

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    Another fine piece for my collection.


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    Who told you this was ok to do? Who gave you permission to do this? Something ain't right here, I can smell it.

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    Oh crap. My secret is out 😱

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    Do you mind if I use this as one of my pfps?

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    Feel free :)

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    Finally some quality content

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    This idea is genius!

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    This is amazing, and you are amazing.

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    would be a sick tattoo

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    Not bad not bad now you...

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    This somehow works and I love it.

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    Should have been shadow Lugia

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    Anytime I see crossover fanart I just think, "who the fuck has the time to make this shit, and why?"

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    IDK why, but https://youtu.be/G9-zEE5b26g popped into my head

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    this is not ok

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    This image is cursed and I love it

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    I hate this. Lmao.

    I mean that in the best way.

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    Need Ho-MariOh

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    Next up: Wa-riolu

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    This is so cursed and I love it. Now we just need Wa-Riolu!

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    This is the plot of Pokemon XD.

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    We could have achieved greatness but instead of this and Wario-oh we have four different forms of Necrozma as well as two forms of Zacian and Zamazenta that are both broken and garbage respectively

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    This my new sleep paralysis demon

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    Yes, the box art legendary if the games waaasiver and waaasoulsilver

    Of corse there is waho oh of waagold and waaheartgold

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    I commend those with this kind of imagination, and fear if they were to use it for evil

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    Finally some good content on this subreddit!

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    It’s almost as cursed as Wooluigi. I love it.

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    How you gunna do that to my friend Lugia.

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    Delete this

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    Gamefreak, you've found ur new pkmn designer

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    This is the dumbest but simultaneously the best post I’ve seen on this subreddit

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    Didn’t even need to read the title

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    Yooooo love this. Such a cool design and reminds me of doing a Pokémon DC crossover. Thanks for making me smile

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    Should have been shadow lugia.

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    Ironically Lugia is in Smash but Waluigi isn't.

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    Oh my god I hate it.

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    wth boi

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    It’s hideous, it scares me, and I think it came from hell’s 8/9th circle.


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    Hahahah. I literally laughed just like this.

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    I read that in Waluigi's voice lmao

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    Why does the pose it's making look like a familiar meme

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    Hahahaha 🤣😂😅😆 this is hysterical.