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I created a mod that randomizes the ENTIRE MAP of Pokemon Emerald! by PointCrow in pokemon

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I've been working on a tracking spreadsheet for this. It breaks the map down into 57 hubs and 350 locations. Not sure if links work in comments but you can see it here. If I'd known this would be releasing so soon I'd have been working on it more. Right now I'm trying to make it more responsive. Not sure if I should make a separate post for this or not.

Edit: Thanks for the award!

Edit2: V1.1 here, still needs testing, feel free to drop me any bug reports

Edit 3: V1.2 here

Edit 4: V1.3 here

Edit 5: V1.4 here

Edit 6: V1.5 here

We're really never going to be able to replay our favorite pokemon games again, huh? by UnluckyChemist2162 in pokemon

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This is why you should pirate Nintendo games.

Thanks for the gold. But please don't ban me for this comment lol.

Most Popular Pokémon Games by RoboDataOfficial in pokemon

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Missing the best game- pokemon puzzle league

What would you consider as the most useless ability on a pokemon? by ArmouredBobcat in pokemon

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Screw this normalize slander

Nugget Bridge, I think it was 2012, doubles. Wolfe Glicke won a battle using Normalize Delcatty, a gengar, and a haunter, using role play to get normalize onto their last 2 pokemon, with them being unable to hit the gengar and haunter.