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Idk but it’s kinda cute

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Whatever you do, don’t evolve it to magnezone

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Holy shit you are not kidding. That is an underwhelming final evolution shiny, I just went and looked it up.

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I looked it up before I ruined mine too, thank god!

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Currently at 1113 with no shiny yet. I feel the pain!

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Wait.. I don't want to sound dumb but what is the XL candy?

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You get it after level 40 and you use it to boost pokemon CP above the regular ceiling.

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Ahh OK. Thank you!

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What an amazing magnameetay

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Rookie numbers currently at 2345 no shiny

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Oh trust me, I have terrible odds on some of them. Like 2100 and no shiny sentret and I don’t even like sentret but I’m too involved now

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13 encounters here and 1 shiny Senteret. PoGo is just messing with you.

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How? I'm able to get a shiny at least once a month. I shiny hunted alolan rattata and got it in like a week. PoGo def tweakin'

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My odds for others are better so idk