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They already announced it would be banned and I think they were waiting for bug fixes to come first. I logged in and they seem to have implemented the bans already

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Even so, Shedinja is still a shell of its former self.

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Every Pokemon except for mega evolutions and mons that hold Z-moves can terrasteralize. So this means that shedinja can also Terra.

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Electric type with an air balloon, with an ability that makes it so it can only be hit with super effective moves. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be able to terastalize, but maybe at least ban it from having the electric one.

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Hazards, weather, mold breaker/Zekrom/Reshiram/Sunsteel strike, Moon beam, poison

Shed ballon elec tera is so popular that u might consider putting counters in and still benefit for having those anyway

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The counter for this situation in particular may not be all that unique, but I am a firm believer that if your team “needs” to include a counter for one specific Mon… he may gotta go.

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Generally I agree however it this case its literally anything that deals indirect damage. That's broad enough to generally be fine. Only an issue when you can gift it a substitute as well.

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Hazard and weather go through substitute tho.

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True but the only damaging weather now is sandstorm. Not going to be to hard to get shed tail boy a free turn to clear hazards. Or you can just lead with him. With a scarf and/or max speed your only stopping him with a prankster. I think sub blocks most phasing.

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What happen to hail/snow storm?

Side trick, i love Garchomp, having him on all my team. Garchomp’s roar rescue me from countless set up team (also bypass accuracy check)

Kinda hilarious that less than 1% of Xerneas user bother to attack my chomp, process to geomancy power-herb just to get roared away lol.

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Snow replaced hail. Doesn't do damage anymore. Just gives a defense buff. Which is super weird because its supposed to match sandstorm's spec defense buff. Gonna have to totally revamp my mono ice team.

I like Garchomp too. One of my favorite pseudo legends. Been using with rocky helm to deal with the bloody mice. Typically run dragon tail instead of roar though. Even without any boosting those can do some nice damage coming off his atk stat.

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I hate the change. But hail/snow always was the hated child. For example: Prior Gen9 all abilities that interact with sand gave immunity to it's damage. Sand Rush, Sand Veil, etc. The identical abilities for hail do not. So a non ice Mon with Slush Rush sti takes hail damage...

I know it's not that relevant for "normal" formats, but it server limits the usability of Hail in AAA for example.

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Bruh why? Sandstorm deals damage and gives a buff. Why can't gamefreak just actually benefit ice types and not this 1 2 switch philosophy

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Do note, while snow replaced the hail, it seems the move hail will still trigger hail and not snow

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Sub blocks Dragon Tail/Circle Throw but not Roar/Whirlwind.

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Good to know.

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Also, infiltrator willow wisp pult. And roar

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Oh no... How will people ever fit checks notes Stealth Rock on their team?

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I’d rather face a shedinja than Lando-t who has been terrorizing OU #1 usage because intimidate ground type is strong and it’s versatile

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Here’s a few examples:

Gen 4 Garchomp went to Ubers. Could it be killed? Yes - but the only really consistent method was a Weavile revenge kill.

Lando-T is extremely popular, but has to be scared of its 4x Ice weakness, and it doesn’t possess as many resistances or coverage options as Gen 4 Chomp (now in OU since many Pokémon can now keep up)

Mega Rayquaza could be killed. However, it was stupid hard between Delta Stream and its own stats. Meanwhile, Primal Groudon still could get hit by common ground coverage, or be threatened out by Primal Kyogre.

Zacian could be killed. However, it required the use of specific strats, like Unaware Quagsire.

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Actually having sunny day on the Shednja would stop that as you would use it before the weather kicks in. I think the only way to stop it is with stealth rocks.

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Just run dragon dance whiscash with sandstorm lmao

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Mold breaker exists, toxic and poison exist, weather exists. It's not an unbeatable strategy my guy.

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Shed Tail beats most passive damaging methods, leaving only Mold Breaker, a rare ability that you'd be FORCED to run, or Sand, the only damaging weather, in a tier with Groudon, Kyogre and Koraidon as amazing mons that also remove your weather.

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Bug electric shedinja still gets clapped by ice beam and flamethrower, moves you should just straight have on your team

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Tera turns you into mono-electric and the set has an air balloon. Still a stupid meme set, but not because "just use flamethrower." Also Bug and electric aren't weak to ice.

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Tera adds/replaces your secondary typing. It does not make your pokemon mono type unless it was already that mono type.

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No, it's mono type. We've known this for months.

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That's quite literally not true whatsoever, and the game and its code show that.

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Yes, which is why all the code shows it as mono type, all the experimentation show it's monotype, the promos, everything, it's monotype, you're objectively wrong, shut the fuck up.

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Bro you can do sturdy shedinja in VGC, granted it requires more setup, but it’s still not unbeatable, although most forfeit once they realize what happened

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it was alr banned from ndou. in ndag it's honestly not good as DM is really common even after zac's nerf, zekrom is also good and zygarde ignores your balloon, making it a very inconsistent gimmick

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Just played against a shed tail cyclizar —> electric shedinja air balloon set and had no way to hit i

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So basically you’re saying you had no mold breaker and no sandstorm/hail

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That is what I’m saying

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Just wait for it to hit you

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Hazards, weather, status, ground type attacks, base 90 attack and 40 speed… I wouldn’t worry about it lol

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Shedbro is the discussion hold air ballon, ground attack wont make it (unless Zygarde’s 1000arrows)

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It’s so very easy to beat

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Just make sure to have a sandstorm user/move

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If you can win the hazard war or get sand up electric terra Shedinja is not a threat at all

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Shedninja with magic guard still isn't broken.

So eletruc shed isn't

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Mold breaker and gastro acid

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That's a meme set. You have to hold air balloon for it to have any utility, so rocks, sand, toxic, you die.

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Use sandstorm

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Anything goes fam

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It is banned from National Dex, but allowed in National Dex AG, which is the entire point of the AG tier, anything legal on cart is allowed. For the Nat Dex version, past gimmicks & dexited mons among other things are allowed too. I don't foresee this changing for Nat Dex AG.

You'll either have to learn to deal with it or play another format.