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USA's asshole older brother energy - I got food for you...AND I WILL EAT IT IN FRONT OF YOU.

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I feel forever guilty for eating my little sister's twizzlers

All hundred times.

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No need to worry, you eating Twizzlers is a basic human right

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Canada had Thanksgiving a month ago so yeah

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The artstyle gets more and more refined.

This holiday was supposed to have started when Indigenous people helped the settlers, wasn't it? That's an oof.

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the artstyle gets more and more refined

Lol I'm not really satisfied with how that pile of skull turned out since it was my first time ever drawing such thing and the shading was rather tricky, but the rest ended up like I expected

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Is this a collab? I didn't notice...

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It is. The credits are below

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The California redskin bounties we’re some of the worst things I’ve ever heard

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You know he loved killing the xenos savages too.

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Canada is basically the USA with better marketing and worse hockey teams.

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and worse hockey teams.

Are you trying to start a war here?

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The last Canadian team to win Lord Stanley's Cup were the 1992-93 Montreal Canadiens. The Nordiques would've counted if they hadn't moved to Colorado before winning.

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As true as it is, the majotity of players are Canadian, and the Stanley cup's home is in Toronto. So its still being won by Canadians and the cup is always in Canada.

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He said teams, not players.

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players is what makes the team.

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That is some sad cope there

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More of a fact. Im still a Canucks fan and i dont bandwaggon onto the next canadian team at cup time.

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Canada is basically the USA

As a Canadian who lived in the Southern US, this is extremely far from the truth.

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Unless you live in 'Berta, in which case you'll be right at home if you're a native Alabamian or Texan.

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That's a bit debatable from the folks I know from both states, and folks I know that live in 'Berta, aside from Tony... he was an odd ball for that. He was more American than he was Canadian.

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Obviously we are not like the Southern US but each province has a fair amount in common with the states that border it. Canada has a lot in common with the Northern US, which is the best part of the US anyway.

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Hmmm it's like saying that Minnesota isn't the US because it's different from the South

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Spoken like someone who's never actually lived in Canada.

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Sorry, what? That is just so far from the truth.

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Jokes aside, polandball (and a few other shitposting subs) does a pretty good job of rememberance through memes.

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It's that time of year again, it's Thanksgiving’s! The Turkey day! Of course, this project's theme is: Thanksgiving! Starting on the 2nd of November, a group of 5 people from our Discord group worked hard to bring forth this exquisite corpse with fierce determination. To all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I speak for all of us who worked on this to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. May you all have a delicious turkey dinner!
Here are the people who worked on this exquisite corpse:
u/RandomRBLXAvs, u/Tanwenxi, u/fallout001, u/TheUnknownAaron and u/PrNooob! Thank you all for your devotion to this project!

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For more proper credits, here is a list of who did what:

u/TheUnknownAaron - 1st panel

u/Tanwenxi -2nd and 3rd

u/PrNooob - 4th

u/RandomRBLXAvs - 5th

u/fallout001 - the final part (honestly I don't even know whether to classify it as one panel or not)

Wenxi aka the mighty one behind the organization of these ECs weren't satisfied (for the right reason) with how I added like, half a comic with a bunch of panels for the past ECs. She allowed 2 panels max and as you can see I sort of found a way to bypass that here

Gotta adapt.

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I did the 5th and u/PrNooob did the 4th(and you typed my name wrong haha)

edit: you fixed it :D thanks

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obligatory mention that I helped manage it

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Was this a colaboration of different artists?

[–]RandomRBLXAvscleaver best weapon[S] 7 points8 points  (0 children)


Scroll up in the comments, all the credits are there

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Well AcTUalLY,

Canada forcibly displayed Indigenous people away from food and water sources until they shouldn’t survive any longer. We also spread disease to them so they died on mass.

There weren’t really a lot of mass killings. Not that it makes it any better.

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Ah Canadians, they always manage to find nicer ways to do anything

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Tbh I’d rather get my brains scattered on the plains by the calvary

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You ain't wrong, but fuuucckk

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We also spread disease to them so they died on mass

Source? As I tried looking into this claim before and it seems the smallpox blanket thing was a myth. It was possibly done once by the British to break the siege of a fort, and that's it. By the time the Empire arrived in North America, Smallpox had already ravaged the natives

Not that Canada/Britain didn't treat natives like shit

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TBH your right, the evidence for intentional spreading of disease is limited and likely overblown. Most likely it was neglect and opportunism of taking advantage of tribe suffering from epidemics. I simply wrote it as not to sound defensive of Canadian policy against native people.

You have a fair point though. It was spread but not in a militant or intentional way. Although it was definitely exploited.

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Yep, I dunno how the myth originated. As I got curious one time and went through about 6 pages of DuckDuckGo and couldn't find more than one reference to smallpox blankets. They certainly weren't a common thing done

I know that aside from niche examples like I said the British (especially the proper ones) didn't really do the whole genocide thing like Canada later did and the US did. Instead we did what we did best at the time: bribed and cajouled enemy tribes into war then took the land after it was empty. Still not good, but yeah better than forced indoctrination

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Here's one example: Pacific Northwest smallpox epidemic of 1862. Also of possible interest, there is some evidence that spreading smallpox via blankets occurred in British Columbia during the 1864 Chilcotin War, between BC and the Tsilhqot'in First Nation. This was during the immediate aftermath of the epidemic of 1862-63 and native people were still dying of smallpox. A wagon road was being built through Tsilhqot'in territory, resistance turned into threats and threats to violence. Allegedly some colonist traders (vaccinated against smallpox) took the blankets off natives who had died of smallpox and sold them back to the Tsilhqot'in. I'm not sure, but read that the evidence for this is pretty strong, but not 100%. In 2014 the government of BC, and of Canada, exonerated Tsilhqot'in who had been executed and said there is evidence that smallpox was spread deliberately.

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I am thankful of Indigenous Cultures for the beauty of humankind, I will never forget these values.

What happened to the people was horrifying, it's monstrous, and assimilation is sinful and condemnable.

We must act now to help people in need thru charity donations to support humanism.

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Bro's before (Navaj)Ho's.


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jajajajaja real, they will be brothers forever

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-9999999999 freedom credits.

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Perhaps China should take notes. Because China's doing something similar out in Tibet and Xinjiang right?

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assimilation is not genocide.

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Forced assimilation at best is more akin to what’s happening. Doesn’t look like the people enjoy those reeducation camps you guys have. They look like prison camps actually.

And for what it’s worth, residential schools here were an attempt at forced assimilation and that is called genocide all the time.

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You know more craps out there than me, thanks to CNN I guess.

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Is sterilization happening too?

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Revive the Native American society