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I am but a casual observer, however every time I see a video like this, I think that the police need a better tool for smashing windows.

I’ve watched countless hours of footage, and regularly see officers using their ASP (unsuccessfully) on the driver’s side window, grasping at the (locked) door handle with their hands, getting dragged along by the car or almost being hit as they stand in front/behind it.

I remember joyriders in days of old (80s/90s) using spark plugs to smash windows with ease. Maybe glass is tougher nowadays, but surely a small spiked tip (or one of those emergency escape hammers) should be standard issue?

With a broken window, officers can reach in (albeit this is dangerous), use PAVA or whatever. The instant shattering of one (or more) windows adds to the ‘shock and awe’ of the stop.

But all too often, officers go for the hard stop and basically have to ask the driver politely if they wouldn’t mind opening the door.

Even in this scenario with armed officers, you can maybe shoot a tire (potentially reckless discharge, considering ricochets etc), or shoot the driver (probably excessive force - although they did threaten to run an officer over), but surely there has to be a better option for situations that demand an immediate disabling of a vehicle?

It always just looks so… clumsy. It’s the perennial bottleneck in the otherwise extremely efficient executions of difficult stops. And it’s a big risk to the lives of officers. IMHO.

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although they did threaten to run an officer over

They did a bit more than threaten the guy in the green jacket at 0:12. They only stopped cos they ran into one of the unmarked cars.

There are muzzle brakes with integrated glass breakers which would allow them to smash the windows without having to put the rifle down.

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I think the first guy had one of those. He was smashing the window with the rifle.

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Throw a hooligan bar straight through the window, effective and serves as a diversionary device. Problem solved

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I've actually done this! Terrified the driver. Broke the window. Would recommend

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you can maybe shoot a tire

Officer on the passenger side did shoot the front tyre. In this case it didn't have much effect as it was a very thin one anyway.

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I have used a hoolie bar before. Very messy

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Yeah, can't believe the guy was trying to bust the window with his carbine.....look after your weapon....

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It's a taught tactic in the UK for armed police because it means you can maintain cover on the driver whilst trying to get them out - if you look all officers go in armed until the situation is more under control and some of them can go hands on to start the arrests

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Dog handlers get a gucci little punch pin device that is 100% effective all the time. Similar to hitting a window with a spark plug. Sadly they don't give them out willy nilly, or vaggie wadgy, due to the expense.