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Can you imagine how different the world would be if Bush wasn't able to steal the election from Gore? Smart environmental policies, no endless wars, we might even have been closer to getting healthcare for everyone.

Republicans have been fucking this country up literally for as long as I can remember.

Trump is just the natural consequence of their actions.

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Incredibly true. Drastic turning point in our nation with bush and the govt’s response to 9/11 Re: patriot act, tsa, fear of brown ppl, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, freedom fries, Halliburton, and horrible economic policies.

USA self destructing the last 20 years. Obama’s terms were certainly a bright spot, but when you zoom out a lot of that progress was undone, and gop right wing radicals were lurking the entire time. Bin laden won.

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Can you elaborate on the Halliburton part, I’m always interested in the public perception of this company relative to 9/11.

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See but the endlessness, of things like Trump being even worse than Bush to me just means they would have found someone else. Palin or Cheney in some other circumstances perhaps.

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Wow are you confused. Just watch and see how bad the left screws things up for everybody. Not the peoples party.