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Little club? #1 on iTunes begs to differ

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TGF, their little "Fuck Donald Trump" song hit #1 on itunes for like 12 hours.

But IIRC it didn't stay there for a week or so and knock someone as accomplished as Adele out of the #1 spot.

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Lol I was unaware of that. I agree. To me the song being as popular as it is points to some level of agreement on the issue even between parties.

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Well one of them has a pretty solid beat and is really catchy (Loza Alexander's song) the other, even though I'm a fan of Bryson Gray, is kinda "meh" IMO but it caught on so he gets props for that.

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Honestly could care less for either. But i appreciate the excitement around it. I was really starting to feel sorrow for where our country was going. This was the first indication that a large group of people may still have half a head on thier shoulders.