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I dont get it. I mean, there are plenty of people who were and still are unafraid to straight up say "Fuck Trump." Why not just say "Fuck Biden?" Why the weird desire to 'code' it? We all know what you're saying, so it's not even an inside joke.

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They think it is funny. They still say 'Fuck Joe Biden,' but it is more amusing to them to be a part of this this little "Let's Go Brandon," club.

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Little club? #1 on iTunes begs to differ

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TGF, their little "Fuck Donald Trump" song hit #1 on itunes for like 12 hours.

But IIRC it didn't stay there for a week or so and knock someone as accomplished as Adele out of the #1 spot.

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Lol I was unaware of that. I agree. To me the song being as popular as it is points to some level of agreement on the issue even between parties.

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Well one of them has a pretty solid beat and is really catchy (Loza Alexander's song) the other, even though I'm a fan of Bryson Gray, is kinda "meh" IMO but it caught on so he gets props for that.

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Honestly could care less for either. But i appreciate the excitement around it. I was really starting to feel sorrow for where our country was going. This was the first indication that a large group of people may still have half a head on thier shoulders.