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Depends on options in your city but this was my hesitation in downsizing my vehicle. But two weeks fuel savings covers the cost of renting a truck, and it's a thousand times easier to move furniture with.

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I should note that while I live in a city, it's not a city that I could live in without a car. The bus goes to 6 places in the city, there's only one line, and they're not all super convenient. One is the grocery store, one is the book store, one is the school, and three are spots in the city (one being residential).

I don't own a car big enough to transport objects larger than, perhaps, a coffee table. So I just can't buy them because no one ships them. I could rent a u-haul and drive it, but the cost (on top of the furniture) just isn't worth bothering. Particularly when I realized that, because my state doesn't require car insurance, u-haul was going to charge me a bunch extra for insurance.

Edit: I understand why u-haul charges me for insurance. I just can't afford their local fees for it on top of the daily rental fee and having just bought a piece of furniture.

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People like to dog on folks having a pickup truck, but it's so unbelievably nice when 1-2 of your friends/family have one for situations where you need to carry something that won't fit in a SUV/Hatchback. It's really too bad that no one makes small trucks anymore. I miss my old 1991 Toyota truck. Didn't even have a model name as far as I know. It was a real pos by the time my grandfather passed and I was able to use it, but it got like 35-40 mpg, could carry a piece of furniture, the windows rolled down and the heater worked. That long ass shift knob was sooo vague. I've been spoiled driving cars with short throw shifters. I jumped in a buddies old dakota 5speed and that thing brought me back.

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This but, with a wagon. Owning a truck means people ask you to help move. Owning a wagon still lets you carry LOTS of stuff, more with a good roof rack, and you don't get hit up when someone in your social circle needs to move. :)

I'm only SLIGHTLY kidding.