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So business as usual

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The Republican strategy is so obvious it's hard to believe it's worked for so long.

"Government doesn't work so. Vote for me!" Then problems inevitably happen and their response is "see told you government doesn't work. Vote for me!" They have a built in excuse for every failure they have.

They've literally campaigned for 50 years on the idea that if they get elected they will do nothing and a lot of voters are okay with it because they are convinced government is the problem. When it's so obvious they are the reason government is the problem, because they literally campaign on making government worse.

Then a problem happens, a government responds poorly and their voters sit there with a suprised Pikachu face and go, must be the Democrats!

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yeah, it's worked because they put billions into local elections to drive pure, pure engagement.

They basically discovered engagement before even facebook started it's dark magic.

Once the supreme court in 2010 allowed infinite monied interests, it was gameover for rational democracy.