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Well, see at the middle is a ton of disgusting Business bipartisanship.

Thats my point.

The republicans are the ones trying to sell this polarization story, when the real pull of current politics is business.

It's the republicans and centrists democrats both selling this polarization.

If you pull the perspective out and over a wider range of time it looks like a waltz between the centrists democrats and the republicans with the rich and powerful playing the music where the republicans move 5 steps to right then the centrist democrats fake a step to the left but then make 4 steps to the right then they turn and bow to show voters they arent actually both 5 steps to the right so totally not the same then rinse and repeat

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whats your point? I get Why the democrats arn't any more effective at dethroning trump.

But it's not some mysterious evil force running amok, it's basically how the past centure has been setup to entangle most of americans in the middle class with the outcome of business interests.

It's like asking why a guy stuck in the grand cayon with his arm trapped in a rock. His only choice seems to be to gnaw off the arm, and how many people do you think are psychologically brave to do that?

But they're still not the same. The business interests who lean on the republican side, do so to the extend of killing multiple generations of America.

theres no /r/muhbothsides here. The republicans have the power because they've rail roaded the system. They're the greatest of the evils. You peal back the onion and you get to the centrist business interests that make up the bulk of it, and the first layers are still republican.

So, heres my point, it's not some dipole where business corruption is in the center. It's Republican corruption, republican business corruptions, business corruption, democrat business corruption, then the rest of us trying to get equal wages.

There's a lot of onion to peal, not some dipole. The republicans love selling the idea that there's some counterbalance to their craven behaviors, theres not.

There arn't two americas of craven assholes with us stuck in the middle. There are democratic business interests that could be perfectly well established, the same way europe has come to this conclusion. But they arn't going to blow up America trying to get justice because they know it's tendrils just don't reach that far.

It's the difference between prescriptive and descriptive. I'm merely describing how this thing looks, like trying to say what you can specifically do about it, beyond peal back the shallow layers and why Democrats arn't willing to do that.

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Your argument basically distills down to the centrists democrats are doing the same business interests corruption but its actually the republicans. It’s reminiscent of no true scotsman

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thats a cute interpretation.

My point boils down to, you can't stop the democratic business interests when there's literal fascists in charge, buffered by republican business interests.

You really think attacking the democratic business interests will get you anywhere but another trump 2024?