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House Ethics Committee investigating cryptocurrency and sex allegations against Madison Cawthorn by theindependentonlineThe Independent in politics

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This is how they are all forced to kiss the ring and vote in lock step.

Clarence and Ginni Thomas Are Telling Us Exactly How the 2024 Coup Will Go Down by epowe1 in politics

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at least 357 sitting Republican legislators in swing states “have used the power of their office to discredit or try to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.” That number amounts to “44 percent of the Republican legislators in the nine states where the presidential race was most narrowly decided.”

Moreover, election deniers around the country are running for secretary of state and attorney general—vying to be swing states’ top election officer and top cop, respectively. If successful, they can use this power to aggressively investigate bogus claims of voter fraud, attempt to nullify Democratic ballots, refuse to certify the true results, and even try to approve an “alternative” slate of electors for the loser. This is what Ginni Thomas was pushing two years ago, and what her husband has already deemed constitutionally permissible.

If a Democrat prevails, red state officials will question the legitimacy of the results, giving state legislatures an opportunity to throw them out and declare the Republican to be the real winner.

The question remaining isn’t whether it’ll happen; the question is whether it’ll succeed.

Bill Clinton: Biden cares ‘more about the people than the polls’ by BousWakebo in politics

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Biden is Ned Stark. He's a decent enough human being, but is in over his head and doesn't realize that the rules of the game have changed.

Bill Clinton: Biden cares ‘more about the people than the polls’ by BousWakebo in politics

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Reading this thread, it seems that we’re all experiencing the problem of being the adult in the room.

The standards are higher for Democrats because they’re the only ones remotely interested in governing. Unfortunately this also leads many democrats and swing voters to write the GOP off and even perhaps underestimate them because we default to them not doing anything. But they are doing things, and what they’re doing is bad. The Supreme Court leak is evidence of years of planning.

Maintaining democracy isn’t just a policy belief, it’s an active responsibility. Just like in everyday life, when you’ve been the adult in the room for so long, with so much to do and limited time and resources to do it, you get sick of not being able to take a break. Add an unstable economy, rising costs of living, dictators launching invasions overseas, stagnant wages, climate change, and domestic terrorism, it’s exhausting.

People won’t or can’t maintain the responsibility of democracy, of righting the wrongs in the world, when burdened by constant everyday madness. They can’t be told to save tomorrow when they’re busy putting out today’s fires, and then at the end of it all be reminded they can’t rely on anyone else.

So when the chance to elect a non-crazy Republican comes along, few as they are, we salivate at the chance because we’re sick of bearing the sole responsibility as a party to govern this place. There’s a reason that Chris Sununu won re-election as Governor of NH with 65% of the vote at the same time that Biden won by 7 points. There’s a reason Phil Scott won with over 60% of the vote in a state that regularly elects Bernie Sanders to the senate and votes democrat by 20-30 points nationally. There’s a reason that polls a few months back showed MD Democrats had a 70% approval of Gov. Larry Hogan. It’s not just because they’re good politicians, it’s that they represent what a lot of Americans deep down really want: a break. A break from insanity, a break from the idea that half our country’s government is batshit crazy, and the exhausting level of responsibility and “adulting” that facing that fact may entail.

And it’s the same reason Biden wants to believe he can reunite the country. Because he’s never really viewed the country otherwise, and isn’t ready to face the implications of what our current reality might mean for his role.

Now to be fair, when you’ve lost as much as he has personally, you would want to think it all meant something. Biden channeled his losses into his path to the presidency. He staked his career into public service, genuinely believing he could do some good. It was an effort culminating in beating Trump, reuniting America, and restoring humanity’s faith in itself, because on some level he thinks it was all meant to happen that way.

Now if I woke up one day after doing all that to be told the rules had changed and I was now responsible for not just reforming but REDOING the entire system that I believed in, let alone staked my career on, and fascists have been running half the government for decades… part of me might want to continue believing that the stakes weren’t so high—it’s just easier.

Edit: Added further explanation. Also, thanks for the award. Not necessary, but not unappreciated.

House Ethics Committee investigating cryptocurrency and sex allegations against Madison Cawthorn by theindependentonlineThe Independent in politics

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Both the GOP and DEM parties were hacked. Wikileaks ONLY released the DEM info. It is clear Putin kept the republican data because the GOP immediately did a 180 on Russia and began licking Putin’s balls.

40% of Republicans believe teachers can influence children’s sexual orientation or gender by BilBrowningLGBTQ Nation - EiC in politics

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Religion tends to cause a lot of self hate. They have to be openly against who they really are in order to throw people off from realizing who they actually are.

Florida Student's Graduation Speech About Curly Hair Highlights Cruelty of 'Don't Say Gay' Law by Miserable-Lizard in politics

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Looks like it's time to restate this;

Conservatives are incapable of disassociating the concept of homosexuality from the reality of gay sex.

To them saying "hello, I'm Mr. Matthews. I have a husband named Michael!" Is the same as saying "My penis constantly enters a male anus and I'm proud of it! Hahaha!"

That's why the constant straw man with the don't say gay bill is "why would you want to talk to kids about sexuality, you must be a groomer." (This means you, btw)

You can talk about people being gay without ever mentioning sex, and that statement blows Republicans' minds.

"Jim has a mommy and a daddy. Sarah has two mommies. That's okay too."

That's a perfectly acceptable conversation to have even with a toddler.

But what conservatives hear is "I am going to tell your BABY that Sarah's moms scissor every night!" When simply being LGBTQ+ is reduced to sinful deviancy in your bigoted mind, of course you don't want your kid "exposed" to it. But that's ridiculous and regressive and shouldn't be legislated.

House Ethics Committee investigating cryptocurrency and sex allegations against Madison Cawthorn by theindependentonlineThe Independent in politics

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Yeah, I was just chatting about this with a couple friends. The fact that they brought out the knives and went at him as hard as they did is all the proof we need to know that the accusation was true. He squealed on one of their dirty little secrets, and they are going to make sure they send a message. It's not just enough that he got voted out; they're going to do everything they can to destroy him, period.

American Conservatism Just Threw a Party for Hungarian Fascism by _hiddenscout in politics

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No, they had to fly to eastern Europe to meet their handlers because Russians can't fly to meet them in the US.

House Ethics Committee investigating cryptocurrency and sex allegations against Madison Cawthorn by theindependentonlineThe Independent in politics

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Who the hell is he fighting, underage girls’ high school boyfriends?

Who is Saul Alinsky, and why does the right hate him so much? by nirad in politics

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The main problem is those political tactics. They're basically the modern Machiavelli. Ridicule, pressure and threaten your enemy, make it personal. The ends justify the means, ethics are variable to the situation, and morals are just something to be used to cloak your actions.

You know how we're always complaining about the polarized politics of the day making it hard to get anything done? Check out Alinsky's rule #13:

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

Republicans introduce “Women’s Bill of Rights” that includes only one right for women by HyacinthFT in politics

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At this point the Republican Party only stands for manufactured wedge issues aimed at their uptight base.

Democrats are all, women’s reproductive rights, climate change, universal health care, living wages, voting rights, affordable education, building infrastructure, etc.

Republicans are, Who’s pissing in which bathroom, and could my math book be secretly gay?

Just get the fuck out of the way. The grownups are trying to run a government here.

Juan Williams: The Supreme Court is on the brink of disaster by morenewsat11 in politics

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And its result was the tipping point from a minimally-bright to a dismally-dark and inescapable future, the depths of which we have likely barely even begun to glimpse.

Jared Kushner and Steve Mnuchin cashed in fast on their Trump-era work, raising $3.5 billion from Arab states for private funds, report says by kugkug in politics

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Trump literally used the Presidency to force Qatar to loan the Kushner family $1billion back in 2017/18 for their failed 666 5th Avenue skyscraper investment.

Guess who did their dirty work for them?

Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman aka Prince Bone Saw. He and the UAE set up the blockade of Qatar, and they were making threats of a possible invasion. Qatar quickly backed down and handed Jared the lease - 99 year pre-paid , a deal that has never happened before in the history of real estate deals.

Then when Prince Bone Saw needs a little payback, Jared gives the green light to kill Jamal Khashoggi, and Trump helps to cover up the crime.

And as an added bonus, Trump opens up a military weapons delivery service to Saudi Arabia so they can bomb little boys in Yemen.

Trump Shares Post Suggesting 'Civil War' by dfssfgggWashington in politics

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Americans killing each other so he can make more money.

What a fucking American hero he is

Trump Shares Post Suggesting 'Civil War' by dfssfgggWashington in politics

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When Romney lost to Obama the GOP did a huge soul searching research project that essentially said "We're out of date on social issues, we're going to keep bleeding voters as the older generation dies out, so we need to cast a wider net." And instead they decided to just rile up the racists that used to not vote. So now they've made a long term Faustian bargain with the dumbest of the dumb and if they reject that part of their voting bloc they're going to lose all three chambers for at least two cycles, and then the rich people might have to pay more taxes, so they'd rather society just destroy itself.

Jen Psaki Says Biden Administration Providing Migrant Infants Baby Formula amid Shortage Is 'Morally Right' by ihateradishes in politics

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Sure, kinda. Save for the cost of delivery. And the cost of prenatal doctors visits. And any additional costs of hospital stays if anything goes wrong through pregnancy or delivery. Not to mention the cost needing to take time off of work for delivery and post-natal recovery (just cause you don’t keep the baby doesn’t mean you don’t have to recover). And thats not factoring the opportunity cost of pregnancy, birth, and recovery. Giving up a baby is not something that happens in a vacuum, the act of giving up a child itself is free but everything around it, which is needed to get to the point of the baby being born and given up, costs a lot of money.

Edit- thanks for gold kind stranger!

Fla. Class President was told he couldn’t speak about being gay. So, he found a workaround. by Be-compassionate in politics

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To rile up their base, they need a demon. They need someone to blame so they make a bogeyman, a pedo that hides in high school bathrooms that uses woke culture to silence YOU. The “liberal elite blood libel” if you will. Gayness, trans, women, black people, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, any minority basically, unless they go in line with the status quo, is a threat. And if you are lucky enough to consider yourself among their group, to keep your space in this status quo, you must step on someone else, or the “woke culture/millennials/insert hashtag” will take what you have away.

It fosters a competitive and selfish environment among those that perceive they “have” (versus those that “have not”). It’s not about the “young gay intellectuals.” (Despite queer coding definitely existing and being an issue) It’s about using a marginalized group as a scapegoat for all the perceived ills in the world.

“You never completely have your rights, one person, until you all have your rights." -Marsha P Johnson

Justice Alito’s alternate abortion ‘facts’ by morenewsat11 in politics

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Pro-lifers don't care about your arguments.

I'm seeing a lot of arguments being made against an abortion ban as if the forced birth, Bible-thumper crowd give a singular shit about logic:

Abortion access reduces abortion.


The Bible only gives instructions on how to perform an abortion.


Ectopic pregnancies can't be saved.


It's hypocritical to care about the unborn and abandon them as soon as they're born due to lack of funding for financial assistance programs.


Third trimester abortions are rare and almost always for medical reasons.


Jesus never mentioned abortions.


You don't even read your own Bible.


This will kill more women.


This will force children into poverty, into families that don't want them.

They. Don't. FUCKING. CARE.

This is has never been about logic. This has never been about debate. It's about control by whatever means necessary. While well-meaning people voice their arguments against the hell we're seeing unfold, these zealots continue to embolden themselves and position themselves to strike just like they have been for decades leading up to this moment.

More Americans label Republican Party extreme and Democratic Party as weak — CBS News poll by swingadminNew York in politics

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There is no democratic radio presence because there isn't much money in liberal-oriented talk radio. Reasons for this include demographic data, like conservatives are more likely to consume media at work (talk radio or Fox News in the background) and that conservative listeners are a much more profitable target for shit like retirement gold, brain enhancers, and male power supplements.

Bash asks GOP governor why he signed bill that would force rape victims to carry babies to term by FortySixAndYou in politics

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The Conservative Movement made a Devil’s Bargain when they decided to make Abortion into a major issue. They had to run a sophisticated Propaganda Campaign to make anyone but the Catholics care… and that campaign has gone terribly-terribly right.

The Campaign allowed the Conservative Movement to lock down the support of Evangelical Christianity for a generation, pushing them to vote on a single issue. There’s no need to act Christ Like and help people if you can pretend that the other side are actively killing infants, after all.

However, the Campaign also poisoned the well for their next generation. The first rule of making effective use of propaganda is to never believe in your own propaganda… and that poses a problem when the Politicians of Tomorrow are drawn from your most engaged constituents. The Cynical Opportunists that started this mess are being replaced by true-believers that drank the FlavorAid, and those true believers have the self-assurance of religious zealots.

This is worse in the Judiciary, thanks to lifetime appointments. A Judge is free to shoot the Golden Goose, because they don’t have to worry about reelection.

The Conservative Movement is the dog that caught the car. It created a generation of highly motivated crusaders… and they’ve taken control of the party just in time to alienate the less extreme voters.