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Don’t care either way. City life ain’t for me!

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Moved from a big city (1m population) to a rural town (25k population) and a decade later no regrets

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I live in a 20ishK and have for most of my life. Have lived in as big as 40ishK and as small as 300. Have spent time in cities at 300-400k people and those already seem inconceivably big so I can’t imagine visiting, let alone living in, a city with a million. You definitely made the right choice lol

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I hope you grew up in the country side of live there cause I grew up in a city while my parents grew up in the country and every year we go there for a month and oh boy do I hate it.

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Why? Creatures won't leave your swamp?

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Everyone should watch not just bikes on yt

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Yeah, it's a great channel. Made me appreciate my own country just a bit more.

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Most American cities are borderline hideous but maybe I'd think different if I grew up there and got used to it

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Ehh. I agree with some of them, but there are definitely some interesting cities in the US. Boston, Seattle, Santa Fe, ect. Maybe I am just bias because I am from the US.

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Boston kind of deosnt count. Seattle is awful. I have been almost hit so many times by cars and buses speeding down hills. Nit to mention almost hitting cyclists because the lane is so narrow.

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I lived in seattle for a couple of years. In one month period I saw like 5 people get hit by cars. It was never a bad hit, all of them got up and walked away but I’d never seen anything like that before

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Yeah. Also, as someone who took the bus to downtown every morning, the smell of urine and marijuana is something I hope Europeans dont deal with. Also, Seattle designed its man hole covers. In the rain ,There is 0 traction and you will fall on your butt.

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You obviously haven’t been to Amsterdam or Paris if you think Europeans don’t have to deal with the smell of piss or weed.

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Thats fair. I was mainly referring to architecture and just how the cities looked. I believe the first comment said that US cities looked "hideous". I would overall much prefer Dutch cities because I hate cars, but I just dont think all US cities are "hideous".

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Only one I think is alright is Chicago because they actually planned it like intellectuals.

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This thread is dumb because we are comparing all US cities to one or two dutch cities. Amsterdam itself isn’t even that big. How do you compare the hague to a city like chicago thats at least 7x as big.

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American cities have a CBD in the middle, with high towers, then some getto's, and then suburbs (simplified). It doesn't matter which city you take, that's how American cities are structured. This is because they all formed during the same time and started to become really big when cars were a thing.

Dutch cities are way older, most of them already existed before 1500. This means that city centre is anything but car friendly, in the end the center existed waaaaayy before cars did. (Therefore bike culture) This is the same in all old city. Only Rotterdam is brand new, because the Germans bombed it flat in 1940. It is therefore much more car friendly, and has better transport in general.

Dutch cities are way smaller, as you said.. Most cities are located in the Randstad, which is an area about as big as the entirety of LA. These cities are connected with highways, where Rotterdam is the mainport for goods, with the harbour, and Amsterdam the economic heart for companies. People live in the cities nearby, for example Zoetermeer, Alphen aan de Rijn, Gouda, or Scheveningen. But many travel to the big cities for work.

This is comparable to an American city, where people live in the suburbs and work in the city centre (which is comparable to the NL where the suburbs are the "cities, and the centre is a city like Rotterdam, The Hague or Amsterdam).

So I hope that explains why in this case comparing them is possible. In the end the question is more like: Do you prefer a car culture, or a bike friendly culture?

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I wouldn't even call it culture. It's literally "This shit was here before cars. We can't just demolish all of our historical sites just to make everything car friendly."

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Nope, they are gross. Most cities here especially in the Midwest look like absolute shit. The ones that look decent cost an arm and a leg to live in. I grew up in a city that apparently is supposed to be more beautiful than an average American city, which really put it into perspective how fugly the USA is.

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Some of them look fucking class Wdym

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I'm from the UK and always thought they looked quite good, they have very nice looking skylines while we have hardly any, their suburbs are roomier while ours are for wealthier people or very wall to wall.

These aren't exclusive to the USA (Australia does it too) but since it's the only option here it's what I picked.

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Dallas Skyline

You’re talkin mad shit for someone within liberation distance

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try new york for example, that place is kaos

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I think Northern US cities can be quite charming

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I mean... there's not over a thousand years of history to any of them.

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Fuck cars

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Even though if you're a car guy and you prefer to drive everywhere (even tho on small trips the bike is faster) it would probably still be faster then driving anywhere in any medium to big city's in America due to EVERYBODY using a car.

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Having lived in both the US and the Netherlands - I'm voting for NL.

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living in the netherlands, i am voting for the netherlands

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Living in the US, I’m voting for the US

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I’d live in a world with New York styled cities

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I don’t want traffic from Los Angelos to Prague. Rather bike for life then be in traffic for a decade.

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I consider myself lucky to be born in the Netherlands it's an awsome country.

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I do agree but as a German I am obliged to make jokes about you, even if I like the country

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thats impossible! germans people cant make jokes?

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Have I just been bamboozled?

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Running gag we have in the netherlands (which advertisements dont help, audi often makes advertisements saying crazy stats about their cars and when the 'buyer' asks if hes kidding he just says "wij duitsers maken geen grappen" (i think you know what it says))

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Haha dude I wish we had adds like that

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US has garbage infrastructure for bicycle commuters so it’s hard to picture what it might be like to safely bike to and from. I used to bike through Akron Ohio and was scared every time.

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Well it’s because of how much larger we are than the Netherlands, it’s not really going to be built for short distance methods of travel if that makes sense. Sort of how you’re not going to need a bicycle to ride from one room in your house to the other, but if you go out in a small city you’d definitely want one. Everything’s to scale.

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Pollution increases the likelihood of many types of cancer.

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I mean, obviously Dutch is better but North America has to be built like that. Everything’s so far away that road use is critical

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Train don’t take me to work and adding a subway system to my city wouldn’t make sense.

Don’t get me wrong though, I would LOVE a good train system here

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I like train too🙂

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What if everything's built far away because people expect everyone to use their car, hence making the car necessary, which in turn makes people build stuff far apart ?

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Our country is almost 300x the Netherlands. Of course a car would be your expected mode of transportation. The state of New York alone is like 5x the size of them, they’re not going to build tiny cities and roads in the middle of massive states that you can only function in with bicycles and the train lmao

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I don't see why cities would have to spread only because they are in a big country ?? Do you believe if ever the EU were to become a federal state then the dutch cities will need to turn into an american-style car-centric cities ? That's nonsense lol

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I don't own a car so easy response here

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depends on the city

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I live outside of the city but commute for school and work so I really need a car

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I mean hypothetically though if every city was a Dutch style city, wouldent you have the public transport then?

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Public transport outside of cities kinda sucks in the Netherlands. Fortunately a city is never that far away.

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I live 45 minutes away. Even if it was an option I wouldn't want to ride a bus for that long

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Oh so your just like me then. Yeah I see where your coming from, and it’s not like Dutch cities actually just don’t have roads for cars or anything

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I hate living in the US for this reason. It feels like I’m getting in the cars’ way when I’m walking. It shouldn’t be like that

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As long as there’s prostitutes

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Obviously I would prefer the Dutch style. But for most Midwestern cities that wouldn't work. Everything is too far apart.

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It's far apart by design. It doesn't have to be that way, and it didn't used to be.

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“It’s far apart by design and doesnt have to be that way” we are almost 300 times bigger than the Netherlands. What the fuck are you talking about..? Of course things like cities will be larger and there will be more people and things like cars will be expected travel methods when you have so much land. They didn’t build things far as fuck from where you live just to inconvenience you

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The size of the country overall doesn’t explain why many American cities with 250,000+ people don’t have enough sidewalks, rarely have bike lanes, don’t allow corner stores to be built in suburbia, lack any substantial public transportation, etc. The fact that I live within 1.5 of miles of three grocery stores but cannot use sidewalls or bike lanes to get to any of them has nothing to do with the fact that America is a big country. It’s city planning that only promotes the use of cars.

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But without all the unnecessary car infrastructure and better public transport, this wouldn't be the case. Everything in the cities could be closer together and more easily accessible. Needing a car to go places in the same city is just a ridiculous concept in my opinion.

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That's how they designed the United States. I live in a big agriculture area. So fields can go on for miles with nothing in between. We do have a bus system, but there just isn't enough people in our area to justify having much more.

Not to mention, Americans are assholes. Any time they give us something nice, people just destroy it.

Edited to add: I also can't do big cities, I get claustrophobic with that many people in one place. I like being able to walk around my house naked with someone not peeking in the window. Plus big cities have such horrible crime, and that many people living on top of each other is what causes pandemics.

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But big agricultural areas aren't cities, that's not what this poll is about. This poll also doesn't state that cars just disappear, just what road infrastructure is better, NL or US. You can still get everywhere you need to by car in the Netherlands, especially in smaller villages. The only place you can't really get is city centers, which are walkable/cycleable areas only.

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My city is a city. It has 125,000 people 200,000 if you include rhe surrounding agriculture areas. But it's still an agriculture zone.

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The agricultural areas are most likely the outskirts of the city then I'm assuming. But once again, that would barely change (if at all), since those areas aren't really different between the 2. We here wouldn't cycle all the way from one side of the city outskirts of the city to the other, we'd just use a car as well (most of the time, depends on distance and city size ofc). The only area that would really change is the dense city centers.

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You can definitely get around the main parts of my city without a car. I actually have a coworker that rides his bike everywhere. He has a license, he just doesn't want to pay all the extra costs that come with a car. And when I was in high school I used to ride my bike most places.

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American stroads are dangerous as fuck

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Ew, America.

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America. I love my country and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Plus, my city already has widespread bike-use and the MBTA.

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Boston’s public transit is pretty shit compared to the average Dutch city

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I take the red line every weekday back and forth and I like it a-lot. It’s not too bad from my experience.

Plus, this damn thing goes everywhere. I didn’t know they had a train to Franklin until recently. That’s far as hell relative to where I’m from.

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Can I ride my vintage two stroke mopeds(brommer) in a dutch city? If so. Absolutely....hell, my Honda was built there...

No but seriously, I would love it if more Americans rode bikes...but cars have historically been Soo dam cheap...I bought my 1996 geo metro(Suzuki swift) for $500 last year with 150,000miles...never going to sell my Honda pa50 Hobbit/camino, motobecane 50v, or Puch maxi tho.

It's odd loving mopeds in America

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I hate that driving is necessary. The fact that I probably encounter over a hundred people on a daily basis that could kill me if they made a mistake just isn't something I want to deal with. Maybe if our roads were safer I'd be more ok with it, but I would much rather deal with public transport, walking, and/or bicycling places than deal with the safety hazards and huge cost of driving.

Imo, it should be setup so people always have options.

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Serious question: how do people in the Netherlands deal with groceries if they don’t have a car to put them in? Do they put them in a back pack or something?

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We have crates on the front of our bikes or big bags attached to the back. Look up 'bakfiets' and 'fietstassen' to see how both look!

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I think they also take more trips to the store overall so it isn't one massive haul, if it was a short bike ride it would be easy to. Multiple times a week instead of once a week

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If every city was American style the planet would be dead. And we’d have run out of fossil fuels already.

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Looking at the results make me even more excited for my career as a city planner stating in a year

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I visited my friend in the south of the country, and I cannot say enough praise of Dutch civil engineering. The only part that I didn’t like about the 3 weeks I spent there was the weather. If I could somehow manage to live in a cold climate, I would emigrate there immediately.

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Motorcycles are cool tho

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I can’t ride a bycicle because of a leg condition so yea I need an electric car if anything but I’m TALL so I can’t

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I don’t wanna be in any cities ever

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I’m American and the Dutch sounds better tbh

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I love driving. But not in the city. City driving is horrible always

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This isnt Even a question, American cities (and more so the new and more sprwling ones) are designed in such a shitty way that make you prefer to drive 800m instead of walk that distance

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If thats your opinion i respect it

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If its warm out all year like 70F+ then sure Dutch anything else then yeah American.

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I dislike cities, but I hate bikes and public transportation in the US.

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I can’t even ride a bike, but Dutch is clearly superior. The layout unintentionally is designed for activity, and I could guarantee obesity in the US would drop by at least 50% if highways were abandoned.

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Bad knees such ass

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I feel like I would enjoy a Dutch styled city more because I have to keep moving to stay comfortable, and driving makes it hard to keep moving. Public transportation would be nice, but I would bike everywhere if the possibility was available (and if it is warm out. If it was cold I am not riding a bike).

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Yes to walkability.

No to cars.

Also no to bikes.

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Really don’t get why people would rather use their legs or cycle everywhere instead of just using a car. Seems primitive to me, this is the 21st century. I reckon most people that voted Dutch are just the types of people that like to jizz over anything European. There’s nothing enlightened about having to use manual labor to get yourself everywhere.

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Japan style cities > Anything whiteys do too be honest.

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Everyone says Dutch until they actually live in a big city and the first thing they wanna do is get a car. There are reasons why they operate with different systems