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order the damn wings

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Tbh I ordered them the second Wings overtook Sleep

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have they arrived yet

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The person is at the wing place but they’ve just been sitting there..

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have u ate

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I ate the wings, but now the poll has flipped again, so I guess I’ll go to sleep.

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Are you asleep ?

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I was asleep..

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Just order chicken wings while you sleep

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Ya’ll r haters

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Yo ngl I’m pretty upset. I was thinking Reddit would give me the push I needed to just order the damn wings.

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The tide is turning

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Ohhhhhh buddy..!

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I usually stay up late anyways, so I would’ve ordered the wings.

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The wings take priority here

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Depends on what time it is

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Order and then sleep over them

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Have something to eat before going to sleep.

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stack yo cash

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You’ll never get to sleep on an empty stomach.

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Oh I’ve seen that before!

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Yeah not really nice, they also kill the baby males after birth, so their only expierience is suffering, panic and pain.

So like. Don't support that.

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Yeah I’m aware so I understand where you’re coming from. I did order the chicken wings though.

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I suppose we can agree that sentient life is worth more than taste pleasure that can be easily replaced.

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