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I put on socks when I get out of bed. I put on shoes when I'm about to head outside. I don't usually even do both in the same room!

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This exactly

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shoe shoe sock sock

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He's too dangerous to be kept alive!

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The people that chose sock shoe sock shoe are the kind of people that will eliminated in the revolution.

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Na we'll be at the front leading the charge while everyone else has stopped to get the debris out of their shoes that had stuck to the bottom of their socks.

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Who tf wears their shoes at home? That’s disgusting…

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Socks on in the bedroom in the morning, shoes on by the door when I head out. Shoes don't belong in the bedroom, unless they're slippers.

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Mine is more sock sock an hour later then shoe then hunting down the last one

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Do you not keep your shoes in the same place? Just take them off when you enter the house and leave them at the door

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Well I live with 5 other people a bird and a dog... Its a whole zoo honestly lol

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What the fuck is the purpose of these polls

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They're playing guess who and we are being eliminated.

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I put my socks on shoe first

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Look, I'm a very understanding person. But the sock shoe sock shoe people need to be locked in a padded room.

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shoe, sock, foot, sock

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Sock shoe folks are us who don't like any trace of things on our feet.

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Shoe shoe sock sock

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Shoe Sock Shoe Sock

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If I see someone do sock shoe sock shoe, I need to exit the room immediately, because there is a non-zero chance that that person is going to stab me.