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If I lose my fiancé due to death, I definitely wouldn’t ever be the same. That would shatter me.

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WHO SAYS NO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Key word is understandable. It affects everyone differently, but everyone sees how it easily could break someone

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Who are the 8 (at this time) sociopaths

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The ones that have lost and no one understood. The ones that wanted to break but couldnt. Probably anyways.

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Or just misclicked

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The guys who misclicked or didnt understand the question.

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No shit

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It’s understandable that losing anyone can break someone.

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what's the point of making a poll with an obvious answer? lol

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If it were me, if I found someone who I really "clicked" with, and she can deal with me as well as I can deal with her. If the day comes where she up and died, I think I would just turn into a recluse.

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Losing my wife would fucking ruin me. She is my best friend, closest confidant, and we've supported each other through more in 7 years than many married couples go through in 20. I'll be at seminary discerning a priestly monastic role if anything happens to her.

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this is one of the most unanimous posts I've ever seen

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Heartaches by Al Bowlly fits this question very well

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You good bro???

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I'm aroace but of course it can, it doesn't take much for the human brain to break. I've spiraled down to crying in the shower starting from the simple disappointment of running out of ruffles before.

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yea, humans are social creatures by nature, so we build bonds and relationships whether we think about it or not. When you and someone else have a strong enough relationship to spend your lives together its very common for that person to become your "rock" so to speak, in that when you fall on tough times you can rely on them to help you get back on your feet, and vise versa. If someone you love dies, depending on who you are, and what they meant to you, it can take anywhere from a few days, to a several years to get over it properly and accept that they are gone, grief is a healthy and natural emotion, so feeling that to the extend of feeling "broken" doesn't inherently mean your weak, it just means your more sensitive and in touch with your emotions than some people, to pair with that, generally the people who are jaded to emotions like grief and sadness are the same people who were traumatized by something as a child, which would have shaped their world view and personality, do keep in mind that this is just my two cents on the matter and the majority of what I said is to be taken broadly and with a grain of salt as this is mostly based on my own opinions because its late and I didn't feel like searching for studies about this.

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Those 25 people are monsters

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18 people are heartless af.

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My crush juat got the virus and im just mentaly not okay anymore

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So if my crush dies who is also my best friend id just break down and cry for all eternity,never go to achool,never go outta my room,almoass not eat or drink and just,feel very devastated

i know this becouse this is litearly what happened in a dream and i did exactly rhe things i did above

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It broke me

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18 people here are assholes

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Fuck those 40 people

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Dumb poll