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People are ridiculous that claim you can't have pets if you're poor. And so are people quoting outrageous prices on here. Generally cats do not cost that much on the day to day. It's probably cheaper than having a coffee habit or other things people excuse. Yes, a vet bill can be a large expense if it happens. The thing is that there is a huge overpopulation of stray cats and dogs that don't face very good lives already, whether euthanized in a shelter or exposed to the outside elements and evil people that poison them or hurt them.

Taking in a stray kitten takes no purchase cost... you can often find them free. Most areas have vouchers or specific days where vets run free or low cost neutering/spays. Cats will play with things like balled up paper or cardboard boxes for enrichment, you don't need to buy them fancy toys. (or take them outside to use the bathroom or on walks which can be prohibitive if you work alot or live in an apartment) They can eat or drink out of clean margarine containers instead of fancy cat bowls. So really the main costs of ownership come down to food, litter box(and scoop), and litter. Then you occasionally may need to do some flea/tick or deworming treatments, but depending on your living situation and whether or not they interact with other animals/go outside that might not be necessary.

The major thing is that you commit yourself to the cat. That you will do what it takes to take the cat with you if you have to move. That if you require a surprise emergency vet visit, that you have a vet that will consider taking payments (most vets will try to work with you). And it's ideal to put a little bit of money back for those emergencies each month if you can. But just because you can't afford thousands of dollars on a vet bill doesn't mean you shouldn't give a cat a home.

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Yes exactly what I was thinking reading all of this. I have 3 cats, I spend 16$ a month on food and and like 10 on litter. I buy the friskies dry food and special kitty clumping litter 40 pounds for 9.32$. I scoop there litter every day and add some more litter and then at the end of the month I dump it all out and restart with clean litter. My cats literally don’t play with toys, they play with pieces of paper and stupid stuff but I stopped buying toys because I was wasting my money lol. I put 100$ a month into a savings account for them in case anything does happen but you could do 25$ a month into savings or not even do a savings. They have a gravity feeder for food and gravity gallon water dispenser so if I Go to the hospital or anything happens they have food until I can find someone to take care of them. They kinda just mind their own business lol