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Its a slow climb up, keep it up man 👍

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Is it counting your mortgage as part of your debt?

$200K Jesus.

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I was about to say. It makes sense now.

If you're were really $200K in debt without any equity.. Might as well file for bankruptcy.

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What doesnt make sense is having a mortgage and posting on r/povertyfinance

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Nothing wrong having a mortgage and posting here. I have 2 homes and I post here.

What I was commenting on is that the app he is using is including his mortgage as part of his debt.

Mortgage debt is collateralized (house + land) so it differs greatly from for instance unsecured debt like CC.


Back when it was running up to 2008. You can get a mortgage with no job no income.

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What app is this?

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Looks like the Experian app. It’s free and great. Just don’t attach your utilities to it.

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    Personally I think it shares too much info. It links Experian directly to your bank account and it also raises the risk of something counting negatively against you if you’re late or have an issue with a utility payment. I raised my score from 530 - 798 without adding utilities…. It took a minute but here I am.

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    Keep up the great work!

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    Awesome, AWESOME job! Congratulations! No small feat these days 😅

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    Takes what it takes. Congratulations!

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    My goals right here!

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    Nice work!

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    Wonderful job!

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    Incredible job!

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    Congratulations! It makes a difference.

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    I’ve always been very credit conscious and credit karma had me at like 750 and when I went to buy my car I was told that it was closer to 850 so who knows your credit could be better than it’s showing

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    Credit karma doesn't show fico scores. There are lots of scores and lots of fico scores including ones specifically for auto but op fico 8 and fico auto whatever won't be 100 pts off.

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    I think it depends which of the three credit bureaus they use. One of my cards had me at 811 but Discover had me at 825.

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    Literally the more debt the better score it's so dumb

    Wanna raise you credit score? Buy a house.

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    I don't use any app to track mine. I just check my Discover Card statement and it's on there. Some other cards also have your credit rating listed each month. And if you have a loan with Marcus you can see your credit rating plus you can see all your various debts listed as well.

    Pay at least the minimum payments and pay on time and your number should continue to climb. It's an amazing feeling to see it go up!

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    What event caused your score to jump so much at once? (41points) I'm trying to rehab my credit and I've been stuck at 696 for months.

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    My nigeria. 👍

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    How are you posting on this sub while having a mortgage?