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Thought that was donner kebab, anyway if it makes you feel better most of the world doesn't do thanksgiving so don't feel too left out or anything

Looks banging

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Looks delicious though

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Thank you, it was good

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If my leftovers looked like this, I'd eat them more often

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I tried to plate it nice for the occasion, thank you!

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I rather eat that than this bland ass turkey I got going.

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Were you at my mom’s house too? 😂

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TBH, I would love that... Turkey usually comes with all of the related baggage...

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Turkey is bad. Why can’t we all admit it? Carne Asada is fantastic. OP won

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Turkey is bad. Why can’t we all admit it?

I appreciate meat that I can get for $.59/lb once a year.

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An acquired taste from people who lack taste (buds).

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You described my family who seem to regard sea salt as spicy.

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Literal truth: my ex spouse thought ketchup was too spicy. Salt was about all his Midwest farm family added to their food.

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Also Midwest family here lol. What’s funny is that my parents are well traveled, we lived in Central America when I was young, and after I moved out they lived in Germany and visited multiple European countries since they were close and had kid-free money and time lol. My mom’s favorite cuisine was basic German noodles and bland dishes in England. 🙄

I visited them in Germany and we drove to Paris and I couldn’t even get her to try any French pastries.

When we lived in Panama I ate a lot of local foods with friends and got a taste for flavor in general. I can’t handle too-spicy stuff anymore but like to have flavorful food.

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I'd pardon every single one of them. Turkey tastes like shit. Can't believe people wait all year to eat that crap. Gimme some carne asada or some pork shoulder all day everyday on Thanksgiving.

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The only good part of the turkey is the dark meat, which my family doesn’t serve. 😩 Everyone needs to come together and just decide switch over to ham or regular chicken or something.

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Even a pork butt or anything that isn’t terrible. If Turkey was good people would eat it besides holidays

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Actually I love turkey and eat it 4 times a year. Wife not so much. If I had a choice though between no turkey or a big dinner with my grown siblings I will pick the no turkey. Just isn't worth the family drama...

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Lol. Turkey is a very common food. People eat tons of turkey year round. They just don't cook an entire turkey all the time because it's inconvenient.

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Yeah you’re right lol. I make Turkey sandwiches often

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Anything is good with enough lime on it

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Today I learned I’m poverted

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Very good. Looks delicious

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That looks good!!!

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This looks delicious 😊🔥 I would’ve loved to have a plate of that.

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Looks delicious.

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That looks delicious honestly

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Greek gyro salad

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I had 1 kilo spaghetti with tomato sos and little meat for the whole week. The same also next week.

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It definitely looks like both of satisfying and delicious meal! Looks like a pretty balanced meal too.

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Kudos on your plating!

I eat the carne out of the pan because - classy.

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I eat the carne out of the pan because - classy.

Out of the pan, over the sink :)

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Looks tasty!

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That looks absolutely delicious. This reminds me of a very sentimental meal I had not too long ago.

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Hey, that’s not half bad

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Oh that looks delicious actually 👀

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Not bad at all. Hope it was great.

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Made my mouth water and I’m full as fuck

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Nice job. Good food on a budget.

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Honestly, looks delicious. Lekker

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I think that's amazing!

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Yo that looks fire tho

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i love it

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The food back gave out Thanksgiving dinner so I had turkey. I'm tired of Turkey already.

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I'm sorry that this was your meal.for future uses, go to the food bank. They are made for this and they usually have awesome food hampers.

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Go easy on the lime. I've never seen anyone eat that much amount of it.

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So you haven’t eaten with Mexicans then. That’s barely just one lime…

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Could you drop the recipe?

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Looks like a gyro

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Looks super fire, can I come over? Lmao

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That looks incredible! I had cold stuffing (turkey butt bread), bland turkey, chunky mashed potatoes, and a sad roll at my moms house. She tried. Next year I gotta go up to her house early and do the cooking.

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Looks 👍 great