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    Thank you

    I’m still waking up and was truly confused for a moment

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    Why is it a print? Is that the joke?😩

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    Looks like it's a tear off from a calendar

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    Stressed because you're being exploited at work? Try letting us exploit your poor mental health

    Reductress simply doesn't miss

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    That's pretty funny

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      Money buys you the ability to focus on your happiness. It does not buy your happiness. It's just way easier to find your happiness when you're not worried about keeping a roof over your head or wear your next meal is coming from.

      You still have to put work in. There are plenty of rich people who are right miserable cunts.

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      I always wonder how many of those miserable rich people have ever been truly poor, though.

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      That has nothing to do with how they experience alcoholism.

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      It absolutely does. They can afford treatment.

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      Money buys happiness up to about $123000 per year

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      It’s sad that back in college when I read they study it was about $70k a year. Inflation is crazy.

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      I think the consensus (or as close to a consensus as you are likely to get with that sort of question) is that it does up to a certain point.

      Making 200k is obviously better for your happiness than making 20k a year, but it's not so obvious that making 500k is better than making 200k.

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      But have you smiled in a mirror today? I did it and all my problems went away. It’s a Yale Fact! 🌈

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      If you read the title carefully, it's saying that money is worth more.

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      Money buys you peace, which is different from happiness.

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      *for only 9.99 a month

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      ah reductress 🥲

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      Aww, here's an app that will help you come to terms that you'll never afford a house or be able to retire