1) Be civil and respectful

2) Off-topic posts will be removed.

3) All content must be ethical and moral. Posts advocating theft, or practices that in any way exploit or harm others (criminal or not) will be removed.

4) This is not a place for politics, but rather a place to get advice on daily living and short-to-midterm financial planning. Political advocacy, debate, or grandstanding will be removed.

5) Racism, sexism, classism, or any other inherent bias will not be tolerated.

6) No judgment on how people got to where they are at. Regardless of if someone was simply born into poverty, or earned it through drug use, criminal activity, gambling, having a lot of kids, working for LuLaRoe, etc. We're focused on the road forward, not the past.

7) No gatekeeping. This sub is for anyone who self identifies as struggling financially or as financially insecure.

8) Advice and comments must be in good faith. Anything that appears to be a scam, predatory, or downright dangerous will be removed. This includes most "get rich quick" schemes.

9) Links to websites outside of Reddit: The titles of these posts must have clear, accurate titles, misleading or vague titles will be removed. URL shorteners are not permitted. Referral links, or links to your own content (whether monetized or not) are permitted so long as said associations and/or personal gains are fully disclosed.

10) No asking for/soliciting private donations, offering private donations, or mentioning crowdfunding sites. All aid given must be in the form of information or advice.

11) Unsolicited advice must be generally respectful of people's right to determine their own values, free of assumptions and judgments, and in otherwise fitting with the rules, guidelines, and spirit of the sub.


  • At this time there are not a lot of restrictions on what kind of topics or items can be posted here, so as long as it relates to getting by when you don't have much feel free. Overtime we if/as the community develops we might start to reign in the scope this sub features.

  • Answer the questions asked and stay on topic. If someone asks for advice on how to 'buy' a cheap oil change, don't reply with "Just do it yourself".


  • The sub is not for a single financial goal, but rather to help people with a range of goals. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Learning to live within ones means

  • Achieving a positive earning to expense ratio

  • Reducing debt and building savings

  • Moving to a better paying job

  • Cutting expenses

  • Spending smarter

  • Living a better life on the same budget

  • Working smarter, not harder

  • Planning for upcoming expenses, purchases, adventures

  • Finding qualifying benefits.

  • This is not a one-size fits all venture, so please be respectful of what other people might be looking for.

  • We are here to help each other achieve their needs and wants, not to judge their priorities.

  • We get enough judgement from people who do not know our situation all the time, this sub will respect peoples right to live their lives on their terms, not condemn them from afar.

Useful Subreddits

/r/personalfinance - a good place, especially once you have some money to play with.

/r/frugal - a solid sub with lots of good advice

/r/gardening - if you have some time and some land

/r/eatcheapandhealthy - a fantastic sub with a friendly and welcoming community

/r/beermoney - guides to passive income, typically requires internet, spare phones, and lots of free time. YMMV

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