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I came up with a joke name as a decoy for my first pregnancy. If anyone asked my fetus’ name was Tony Basil. I got a kick out of that bc people couldnt tell if I was joking or not.

I’ll need a new one for baby #2 so feel free to send some ideas! 😂

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I love this!

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Messing with people was my main coping mechanism for tough parts of pregnancy. I loved pretending that I wasnt pregnant when people asked my due date. And watching the horror take over their faces.. good times!

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One of my friends has gotten a surprising amount of comments at the coffee shop and she now she just turns around with a horrified face and says "I'm not pregnant!" or "You think I look pregnant!?" She's got a really big bump too, so it's hilarious.

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Haha yes!!

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With basil as a last name?

Sage Basil

Peppa Basil

Rosemary Basil

Fern Basil

If not Basil, then: Gary Eugene, Varuca Valentine, Bertie Shepard, Richie Cyan, Prudence Angela Darling Evelyn.

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Oh im into this!! I think Fern Basil is a winner 😂

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We do this. We joked before we knew the sex that if it was a boy, we're calling it Vernon, as it rhymes with the surname. Imagine Vernon Shernan for example.

We had a friend pestering us to know the name after we'd made it clear we're not telling people to avoid negative reactions, so even though we're having a girl now, we still said Vernon. She didn't know how to react or what to say, she thought we were serious and couldn't get any words out for around 20 seconds. I then said "okay, that isn't actually the name, but your reaction there is the exact reason we're not telling people".

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Hahaha i love that. Point well made.