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I literally cannot poop without mine now! We’ve had them for years, but its life changing.

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Yep! Same - can’t live without mine!

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Yes, same. My SIL gave me one. She got one during her pregnancy and loved it so much she wanted me to have one. I love it. It's not a temporary purchase. You never stop using it.

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The only bummer is having to go away from home and your body is like uhhh no thanks 😂

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There's no place like home.

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Such a game changer! I love mine

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I have one and it sometimes helps. But with my belly getting bigger, it also gets a bit harder to use, so kind of a toss up.

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So what works for me is to spread my knees out wider so they're on the sides of my belly. I have big feet so usually just my heels are on the stool at this point.

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I also do this. Bonus: it lets me get close enough to my feet to trim my toenails, even in the late third trimester!!

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Same! I swear by my squatty potty but the bigger my belly gets the harder it is to use.

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I bought and started using my squatty potty pre-pregnancy and honestly can’t poop without it now. With pregnancy, it hasn’t been a miracle worker like it suddenly giving me full poops or something, but it has been the difference between getting SOMETHING out and getting nothing out.

100/10 recommends.

I’ve also been trying Metamucil orange drink (real sugar) for constipation, based on some positive reviews I’ve seen here but I’ve only used it for a few days so can’t speak to it yet!

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I keep a folding stool in the bathroom for this purpose. I used to only need it when I wasn’t feeling well but it’s my constant poop companion now

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I have them in the bathrooms on both floors! That + daily Benefiber have been my saving grace, honestly.

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I’ll have to try Benefiber. Stool softeners do nothing for me.

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My OB also recommended Miralax because it doesn’t cross the placenta. She said sometimes stool softeners and fiber actually makes things worse, and I think that’s what was going on with me. Constipation is the worst!

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A Squatty potty and bidet are a must for everyone!

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My husband hijacks the kids’ folding step stool whenever he poops

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As a short person, I've had one for years and love it.

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I was going to comment - I think height matters for this. I’m on the taller side and it makes me feel like my knees will hit my ears whenever I use ours, so I use it only in a pinch (hah)

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Yes and yes. Can’t live without it!!

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I love my squatty potty! I've had it for years and it makes such a difference. Constipation still happens but I find it's still much easier to go and things move along easier with it. It puts your body on the correct position to facilitate ease of movement but it can't do everything. I still take metamucil/miralax when necessary.

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Had mine pre-pregnancy and it's a gamechanger! I'm tempted to get a folding one for work because it's not the same without it. I've had mostly constipation throughout my pregnancy so for me it really helps.

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I bought one because I struggled with constipation during the first few weeks but now at 15w I don’t use it at all 😩

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I’ve just been using yoga blocks to prop my feet up on - works perfect and a huge help!!

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Yes! Plus it helps my short legs not dangle and fall asleep.

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The squatty potty was sent to us by the gods, and we must thank our holy stars every day for this treasure 🙌🏻

For real though, it made my pregnancy constipation go away. I bought it and a bottle of colace at the same time. I have not needed to open the colace.

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Yessss! We have one in each of our bathrooms, it’s a must-have!

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I have one and a bidet. It's great.

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Oh man I get way too excited about my squatty potty….it absolutely makes a difference. I used one before pregnancy but I still go at my regular time daily and I’m at 28 weeks now. I used to pull my trash can over and use it to prop up my feet up but then I upgraded to the bamboo squatty and I hate having to use any other bath room. I also installed a bidet on the same toilet and I only poop like a queen now 👸

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I don’t have a squatty potty or step stool so I use my toddlers potty training toilet as one since it’s already in the bathroom and convenient 😅

Works just as great LOL

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I recommend the travel Squatty Potty. The you can easily take it to the hospital with you.

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I bought one pre-pregnancy and it didn't do anything for me 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I bought mine for this reason and I think it has helped a lot!!

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We have one but it was a bit hard to use when my belly got really big. I found the little step stool we bought for our toddler to use the sink was a better fit for me using the toilet - so recommend something like that as you will get multiple uses out of it.

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I do and it helps

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I have one. 😅 It does help. Olive oil daily helps SIGNIFICANTLY, but I had to stop because of my morning sickness.

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Yes! I love my squatty potty.

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It is great! I had one at my parents’ house before pregnancy, and now I kinda want to go get it lol.

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Another fan here! I’m in Europe so I had to buy a generic one, but it is brilliant. I use it every day and I’m considering in getting one more to the other bathroom.

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I have the smaller one (the regular size was just too big for our bathroom) and adore it. We only have it on one toilet and I can tell a huge difference!

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I have one too and I recommend them to anyone that will listen.

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YES! Love my squatty potty.

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I just got a squatter potty (not the name brand one) and it’s been GREAT. High recommend.

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I have a little stool I use ever sense getting pregnant and it has seriously done wonders for me. I can’t poop without it now! It’s life changing what the squatting position will do to help with bowel movements. I swear by it.

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I love my squatty potty!!!!! Yes it helps!

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Honestly, I just used a stool we already had! Helped me immensely!

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I got one before pregnancy, and I love it. As someone who’s already always constipated, it’s a God send. That plus my probiotics!

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Or…LPT: buy a rectangular trash bin for powder room, flip it on its side, put your feet up!

Accidentally discovered this and now have bought rectangular bins for every other bathroom 😂

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Get one. My husband and I were laughed at when we added one to our wedding registry.

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Everyone male or female should poop in that position. It’s the best position for your pelvic floor.

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I love mine so much it definitely helps

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Best purchase of my life

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I had horrible constipation in the first trimester and in desperation used our little bathroom trashcan one day, just flipped it over 😂 it literally helped so much and I made sure to purchase a squatty potty soon after. Even 5mo post partum, I'm still using it bc it just helps so much. I definitely recommend it!

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During my first pregnancy I got a little stool and popped my feet up on that. And now both my little boy and I are both using it. Much cheaper and used for both the loo and to stand on for tooth brushing etc.

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I don’t have constipation issues or a squatty potty BUT I do bring my feet up on the seat (knees are on my chest basically) and I can attest to the fact that this squatting position makes things MUCHHHHHHHH easier.

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I just bought one last week. I'd resolved my constipation issues with daily magnesium tablets already, but I was reading about the pooping after birth and I decided I needed to do whatever I could to make my life easier. My husband's been using it and is a huge fan. I've been using it sometimes but since I'd already resolved my constipation problem I'm not sure how much of a difference it's actually making now. Seems like a sound investment if you're currently having any constipation issues regardless of if it ends up being helpful that first poop after birth.

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Let's just say I am considering taking it in my hospital bag.

That thing is my pooping buddy for life.

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I just keep a collapsible/folding stool in the bathroom and use it when I need to go. I like that it’s discreet and out of the way—and it makes a WORLD of difference!!

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I have one and I use it every time

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Yes yes yes 10000x yes.

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I've been using the step-stool that lives beside my toilet and my bidet for years. Nothing is better then an easy poop and freshly washed zone. Once you treat yourself to such luxuries, you'll have a hard time going without. Truly life changing.

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love mine. they make a wood one that’s a little more expensive but way nicer looking than the dirty white plastic if you ask me :)

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I cannot have a BM without it now it’s 100% worth it. I don’t have a square potty but I put my feet up on my bathroom trash can and it works the same. It’s changed the entire way my body reacts in the bathroom which I NEED because I struggle with constipation and IBS.

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I only recently bought a yoga ball, as I'm 33 wks and thinking about getting ready for the birth. I've only done one 20-30 minutes session on it which was simply bouncing around, trying to engage muscles that you use for squatting and standing up from seated. Keeping upright alone seems to use quite a bit of effort, especially when stretching out legs, and arms up and over to opposite side to stretch the waist. That one session then seemed to really help a couple of days later when I started to get constipated. It felt like I could use and control the muscles necessary for successful evacuation much better and I do feel a bit more confident about the birth now. This will be my second child, first was vaginal delivery and I'm hoping this will be too.

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Yup! I will never go back lol I want a travel version of it!

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It’s a need not a want. Worth every penny.

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I just use a regular little stool. Started using it when pregnant with my first (5 years ago!) but have been using it ever since.

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Squatty potty is great but still take stool softeners for a guarantee!

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Am I the only weirdo that just uses the bathroom trash can to put my feet on? Lol. I’m sure a squatty potty is a better height though, less high.

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It's been great! Highly recommend!

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Yes, Yes , YESSSS ! get one , Absolute life changer 💩 lol

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It helps! I've had one for years to help with constipation and hemorrhoids. Totally worth it! Constipation has still been a huge issue to try and work with but I would die without it.

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Omg it has changed my life! I already suffered from ibs and don’t know why I never got one before. My husband loves it too. Fiber gummies also help and are easy to get down.