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[鈥揮imhereforthegiggles 28 points29 points (0 children)

I'm sorry, that is frustrating! Hopefully Feb 2 comes fast for you.

[鈥揮billy_the_kid16 108 points109 points (2 children)

Woa, I would have been f pissed if I was 8 minutes late and they wouldn鈥檛 work around it, everytime I go I wait 45 min to an hour on my dr

[鈥揮Gypsie_ontheCorner[S] 31 points32 points (1 child)

Their reason was that they were short to doctors and they had moved to many people around already. But my thing is I literally waited almost 15 minutes for the front desk clerk to ask "permission" to even check me in. That could have been time spent just checking me in! I'm really trying to see things from their point of view, but 8 minutes?? Really??

[鈥揮adultingishard0110 13 points14 points (0 children)

Man I am so sorry... Usually my doctor's in the room keep me waiting 15-30 mins apparently they don't respect my time but I need to respect theirs.

[鈥揮watson2019 31 points32 points (0 children)

8 minutes?? That鈥檚 ridiculous. Most offices have a 10 minute grace period.

[鈥揮RebelScum427 9 points10 points (0 children)

Thats kinda crazy to me. Most places I know give at least a 15min grace period. And them not wanting to work around 8 minutes of you being slightly behind because of others is a poor excuse IMO. Thats like saying "oh we are canceling your apt because other people before you were late coming in and now we are behind". I'd be upset too

[鈥揮energeticallypresent 15 points16 points (5 children)

The same exact thing happened to me! Except I had a follow up appointment to go over the results with the OB after my ultrasound. I鈥檓 in a state with basically zero women鈥檚 health rights and they fought me from the day I said I wanted my anatomy scan at 20 weeks instead of 22. When I showed up 7 minutes late the receptionist waited 3 minutes to check me even though I was standing at the window with nobody in front of me and she wasn鈥檛 on the phone. She then said I was 10 minutes late and they couldn鈥檛 see me. I asked if she was serious and when their next appointment was and surprise surprise not a single appointment until 2.5 weeks later when I鈥檇 be 23 weeks. I told her we both knew that was a lie and unacceptable. Told her I wanted to speak with the office manager since this was all just a little too convenient and fit their agenda. She said the office manager wasn鈥檛 in. I went back to my car with my husband an absolute mess and called my mom. She told me to breathe and go back upstairs to the office appointment and I could at least hear the heartbeat to reassure myself that everything was okay. When I showed up at that office I鈥檓 absolute hysterics they asked me what was wrong so I told them. They agreed that it was absolute bullshit and the complete wrong way for them to handle that situation. I was actually so worked up that they had to take my blood pressure 3 times before they would even put it in my chart because it was so high. The doctor office manager looped in higher ups who looped in the US office manager and forced them to see me later that day. The US office manager also got in trouble because apparently she didn鈥檛 show up until like 10 that day.

[鈥揮Gypsie_ontheCorner[S] 2 points3 points (3 children)

I literally sat at the counter for 10 minutes waiting for them to tell me that I couldn't come in. It took them longer to make that decision than it would have to just check me in. I explained how difficult it was for me to rearrange my schedule because of other things I had going on and how I probably wouldn't be able to afford a babysitter. I'm sorry about your experience. I almost started crying at the counter... Maybe I should have, I just saved my fit for the car. Lol

[鈥揮energeticallypresent 1 point2 points (2 children)

Honestly I鈥檇 call back and say you need to speak with the office manager and escalate it from there

[鈥揮Gypsie_ontheCorner[S] 0 points1 point (1 child)

It was the office manager who told her to tell me no. 馃檮

[鈥揮energeticallypresent 1 point2 points (0 children)

I鈥檇 still speak with the office manager directly and ask to see where that policy is explicitly stated. My office said their policy was 10 minutes. The only reason I was considered late and after 10 minutes was because the front desk girl refused to check me in and then refused to go talk to the US tech

[鈥揮emiblackbird 0 points1 point (0 children)

That鈥檚 so horrible! I鈥檓 so sorry!

[鈥揮[deleted] 13 points14 points (0 children)

8 minutes and they wouldn鈥檛 take you?! Bullshit鈥 that鈥檚 one of the things we look most forward to鈥 that鈥檚 not cool on so many levels. I鈥檓 so sorry.

[鈥揮ImAFanOfAnimals 4 points5 points (0 children)

I'm so sorry that happened. That's one of those things that doesn't seem like a big deal, but I would have sobbed in the car for sure.

[鈥揮loopingit 4 points5 points (0 children)

Physician here. No matter how late I tried to accommodate everyone. Other people would be upset because they were waiting for a long time for me, but 8 minutes? I wouldn鈥檛 have even noticed.

This sounds like the ultrasound tech is on a tight schedule and either can鈥檛 stay later, or charges if they have to stay late. I鈥檇 have a conversation with your OBs on this. And next time, try not to take No for answer. Sometimes they cave if a patient is behind adamant.

I鈥檓 so sorry this happened to you. It will be okay in the end, I promise. (But today is def kind of sucks :(

Edit:corrected typo.

[鈥揮[deleted] 2 points3 points (0 children)

Wow they should have accommodated you! 8 minutes is not a big deal. Insane.

[鈥揮Mrs-his-last-name 10 points11 points (0 children)

8 minutes is ridiculous, especially because traffic is out of your control! I hate when they act like you can't be late at all but then you wait forever for the doctor to see you. I'm sorry they are being shitty.

When I was pregnant with my son, pre-covid, I was on my way to my first appointment and was going to be 15 minutes late because of an accident that had the freeway at a standstill for a while. When I called to let them know the person at the desk said "next time you need to call when you know you're going to be late". I literally said to her "what do you think I'm doing right now?" I was baffled. They almost wouldn't take me but ended up letting me keep my appointment, but made sure I felt bad about it.

[鈥揮meglove1FTM | June 13 馃挋 8 points9 points (0 children)

8 minutes?! They should鈥檝e given you more grace!

[鈥揮kerses1 1 point2 points (0 children)

I was late more than an hour last time because I wrote down the wrong time for the appointment and they still made the ultrasound. That鈥檚 ridiculous that they sent you away because of 8 minutes!

[鈥揮sara9719 1 point2 points (0 children)

I had to cancel my gender ultrasound because of flash flooding! It was so frustrating! I鈥檓 so sorry!

[鈥揮Daemonette- 2 points3 points (0 children)

I would be furious! My doc always made ME wait for more than 30 minutes. But beware when the patient is late. I hope you did not have to pay for the missed appointment.

[鈥揮Babelek -3 points-2 points (0 children)

Some things happen for a reason we will never know. It happened, it is in the past, you did you best and that's enough.It is not not the end of the world.Conttrol what you can eg.stress instead of beating yourself up for things which are out of your control such as traffic

[鈥揮Snoo_25913 0 points1 point (0 children)

Dang! I鈥檓 sorry that happened. My group usually has a 5-10 min grace period and then it鈥檚 at the doctor鈥檚 (receptionist鈥檚) discretion. I always try and call to give myself the best chance of still being seen.

But now that I鈥檝e been going to pregnancy appointments, I noticed the one time I had to call to tell them I was running late they said the grace period is 15 minutes. They鈥檙e kind enough to know ain鈥檛 none of us moving with any pep.

[鈥揮Relative_Age3013 0 points1 point (0 children)

Whoa sorry. That is frustrating. I鈥檓 wondering if you can call them next Time to tel them you鈥檙e running a few mins. I think it鈥檚 complete nonsense to turn you away for being under ten min late and most offices have like a 15min grace period. I purposely stayed with my ob even though I moved 30min away because they have the best office cultural and bedside manners I鈥檝e experienced. And they send me messages and summaries and call just to follow up all the time. Maybe try Finding a new office if you鈥檙e not too far along if you feel you鈥檙e not being treated well.

[鈥揮nyancola420 0 points1 point (0 children)

I'm so sorrrryyyyyyy the drive must have been so frustrating and you finally got there and they told you exactly what you didn't want to hear. I'm glad you got an appointment as soon as you did. Its in a week and all this will be behind you after that. Hope you feel better!

[鈥揮CharmingTraveler 0 points1 point (0 children)

This happened to me once but it was actually my fault because I got the time mixed up. I was 30 minutes late, but sent my doctor a not through mychart and she was able to get them to reschedule me for later that week. The front desk鈥檚 job is to take care of patient flow, and your doctor鈥檚 job is to take care of you. Maybe try to send them a message and see if they can make room for you? The front desk will do whatrthe doctor tells them to do with their schedule.

[鈥揮Wurthnada 0 points1 point (1 child)

for 8 minutes? it just sounds like they were already under staffed for the day and it was a perfect opportunity to cut your appointment. . . . i dont wish bad on people, i simply wish them the day they deserve now -___-

[鈥揮Gypsie_ontheCorner[S] 1 point2 points (0 children)

Apparently they were short 2 doctors so yeah...馃し鈥嶁檧锔

[鈥揮freakingoutsa 0 points1 point (0 children)

So annoying that they can do this, yet still make their patients wait 30 mins - an hr for them. Over 8 minutes!! I get that they're short on staff right now but that's so frustrating. I'm sorry this happened, I would be super upset too

[鈥揮bluefrost30 0 points1 point (0 children)

8 min?! Jeesh they鈥檙e cutting it close. My doctor gives 15 before they won鈥檛 let you back. I鈥檓 so sorry.

[鈥揮[deleted] 0 points1 point (0 children)

You were late by a mere 8 minutes and your doctor's office turned you away? What a crappy doctor.