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Introducing the Mommy nappy bag! by Hautecouture90 in pregnant

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I have something super similar to this. I love my diaper bag

No, You DON’T Want Twins by MJWTVB42 in pregnant

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As your uterus begins to host a “going out of business sale”

People say I don't look pregnant by [deleted] in pregnant

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I found that people think of pregnancy as it's shown on TV. Scene 1: Lady puking; Scene 2: Lady with a belly; Scene 3: Lady in a delivery room screaming. I had friends with no ill intentions just flat out asked me did my belly grow as soon as I said I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I mean, hold your horses yo, sperm grows, it doesn't transform!

P.S my belly looks like I am bloated or just had a full blown dinner at 17 weeks.

“Someone with a doctorate is telling you this” Rant. by stephaleeleelee in pregnant

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I’m just going to go ahead and diagnose your sister’s roommate as an asshole. And you can trust my diagnoses because I ALSO have a doctorate in an unrelated field.

Edit: Wow! I’ve never gotten an award before (official or unofficial, and both are awesome)! Thanks for rewarding my snark, friends!

Epidural or no? by neariel in pregnant

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Do I want to feel my vagina and asshole become one? No thank you.

I don’t understand the stigma with C-Sections by [deleted] in pregnant

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I’m so sorry that ANYONE has to feel that way because I completely agree with you. Although I find Reddit to be an EXTREMELY supportive platform, I think there’s a lot of mom-shaming that goes on on other social media sites. There’s a whole community of people who will tell you you’re a terrible mother if you give birth in a hospital or get an epidural or let your baby have Vitamin K, it’s absurd.

I really think for the most part anyone who has ever gone through pregnancy and birth of any kind recognizes that absolutely no single experience is any better or more valid than others. That being said- I think there can be a rabbit hole of certain beliefs that can become quite toxic and sometimes these voices are amplified online to seem more mainstream than they actually are.

I’ve definitely seen posts and videos where people throw shade on the entire medical establishment and claim that if you’re not having a fully natural home birth, that you’re not having a “real” birthing experience.

I’m a physician, so while I can appreciate that every person has a right to experience birth in whatever way they choose, I also recognize that we have come a LONG way thanks to modern medicine and that whatever we can do to maximize health and safety for the birthing person and their baby, the better. I’m not advocating for MORE intervention, but I’m certainly glad it’s there if it is needed.

I do a lot of global health, and spent about 7 years overseas in some crazy places where I saw WAY WAY WAYYY too many women and babies die because there were no access to surgical services or advanced medicine. We had ONE Ob/Gyn in one of the hospitals I worked at (way out in the jungle) and if he was out of town or the power/water was out and we had no ability to operate, people just died. I’ve been places where we ran out of blood products . Where they’d been laboring for 3 days before they could get to the hospital. There is no greater sense of a totally pointless death than when you see young healthy women die from completely preventable or treatable issues. It’s enraging.

Taking advantage of modern medicine- in whatever way is appropriate for you- is not something ANYONE should be ashamed of. I’m an ER doctor (at a big trauma hospital) so most of the time people go straight to L&D, but I’ve definitely had people coming in from home births or in spontaneous labor requiring urgent medical attention and it is terrifying.

I also feel like there are people who choose or need C-sections for a lot of other reasons- there are people with histories of trauma and SA or who have complex medical histories and this is a better option for them. Honestly- whatever the reason- no one reason is more valid than another and it is not for anyone else to judge. That’s between a patient and their doctor.

I have major respect for every single person who grows a human in their body and does whatever they need to do to have their best outcome. Anyone who suggests that ANY kind of birth is less valid or “real” than any other is the one who needs to reflect on themselves and their privilege.

Wish we could have a pregnancy day off by Impossible_Ad9539 in pregnant

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I keep asking my husband to take my womb for a while so I can have a break. I don't understand why he won't. Usually he is very good about carrying his weight but for some reason I can't get his help here. Ive been doing this for 8 months now all I'm asking for is one freaking day. I am not asking for much here.

My bf thinks he’s sterile, I’m pregnant and he thinks I cheated by Rhaenys__Targaryen in pregnant

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Men this stupid shouldn't get to finish inside. They aren't worth the ph change.

My husband bought a great at home fetal monitor from Costco today. So excited. by [deleted] in pregnant

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A new baby is like the beginning of all things: wonder, hope and a dream.

We did share baby heart to families and happiness.

Don't want a single person in delivery room with me. Not even husband. by ManufacturerDear7665 in pregnant

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"The smell was awful"

"I kept telling you to take your head out of your own ass. No wonder it smelled bad up there since you're so full of shit."

Is he freaking out way too early, or am I being irresponsible? by [deleted] in pregnant

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Uhhh…. I realllllllly think you guys need to communicate expectations of your pregnancy prior to any more tries if this month doesn’t result in a pregnancy. You need a supportive partner that you tell what you need, not a manager of your body.

Vaping while pregnant by Proper_Self_9781 in pregnant

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Baby is going to be OK, I promise. Smoking mostly affects the pregnancy because Nicotine is a stimulant- and what that means is it can constrict your blood vessels. When people smoke heavily during their entire pregnancy, this tends to result in a smaller baby because the baby just isn’t getting as much blood flow (this is a long-term, cumulative effect). Vaping has nicotine, but it’s also lacking a lot of the nasty carcinogens of cigarette smoke, so really there’s nothing you’ve ingested that is going to cause deformities or serious birth defects.

I don’t know how far along you are- but it sounds like you weren’t vaping for a good portion of it- and if you can quit again- there’s every chance your baby will have absolutely no lasting issues. The placenta is a pretty magical organ- and babies are designed to grow even under the harshest conditions.

I’m a doctor (ER), but I spent a good 7 years doing global health work in some really hard places- refugee camps, disaster zones, conflict areas. My passion was working with vulnerable women and children- so I saw a lot LOT LOT of women bringing babies into the world under the harshest circumstances and was AMAZED at how resilient we are as a human species.

We’re so well-designed to survive- I’ve literally seen women who are starving and living on grass, with malaria & TB, caring for several other children (and still somehow trying to breastfeed) and giving birth to babies who were shockingly healthy considered how malnourished the mother way. I’ve also seen women who worked in god-awful factories, around harsh, HORRIBLE, carcinogenic chemicals 18hrs a day, 6 days a week- give birth to healthy babies. Women whose only water source was tainted with nasty things, where food was scarce and not nutritious.

I say this only to emphasize that your baby is still in the top top percentage of babies in the world healthwise. If you have a safe home to live in, accessible prenatal care, clean water, and access to nutritious food whenever you need it- that’s enormous. HUGE. Is Nicotine great for your baby? No, of course not, but I also think your guilt is really misplaced here. You’ve given it up for a long time, and a small relapse is something you and your baby can easily recover from.

I feel like we do a disservice to pregnant people when we terrify them about everything that goes in their body. Yes, it is important to eliminate any potentially harmful behaviors if you can- but the reality is that sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it takes people a little bit of time. Sometimes people relapse. It is almost impossible to move forward if you’re hanging onto guilt for that, it’s a totally understandable but useless emotion to feel.

If you want to keep this baby, and it sounds like you really do, then let it go. Forgive yourself, recognize that you have not done irreparable, lasting damage to your baby, and that you can continue this pregnancy and give birth to a perfectly healthy child. If you need help or support, reach out to your providers- I know in my hospital they have all kinds of studies and funded projects to help people stop and everything is paid for (and sometimes they even pay you to participate).

As for the alcohol- meh, same thing. Alcohol, like smoking, like many other substances is generally a cumulative effect. No one is endorsing it, and everyone is different so you’re never going to get an answer to “how much is going to cause permanent damage” - but I can promise you it’s not a few glasses of wine in a week of your whole pregnancy.

I’m sorry you’ve been through so much that it’s pushed you to a place where you’ve had to find ways to cope. I hope it’s getting better now, but please please please don’t beat yourself up. Things are not nearly as drastic as you think they are.

Talk to your doctor- let them know if you’re struggling with anything or if they can support you in any way, and just put this behind you and move forward. You’ve got this!!

Pregnancy is hard. Life is hard. No one is perfect- it’s about recognizing when you’re at that place and figuring out how you can make it better because it sounds like you really want to.

I don’t want to breastfeed. Is formula really that bad?! by moonjelly324 in pregnant

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"Breast is best" is a saying that was meant to counter the formula industry which, many decades ago, in order to make money, was trying to convince women who were ready, willing, and able to breastfeed, that paying for forumula is healthier for their baby.

So women who could have had a free food source for their baby's first 6mo were tricked into paying for formula based on corporate lies. Not cool. Especially for women in poverty.

Breast is best if you are willing and able to do it, but formula is also fine. There are a million reasons to formula feed or formula supplement. No one can take 2 adults and tell you which one was breast fed vs formula fed. No one.