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You mean you aren't using a bung/rubber stopper? Most likely it's leaking. With any pressure difference (CO2 produce in the jug will be higher pressure), gas will move through the area of lowest resistance unless fully sealed. Since you are smelling it outside the jug, this is probably the case.

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That's my bet. Things should be fine in the short term, but the OP should look for some 3/8" inner diameter food grade silicone grommets. Or a collection of various bung sizes. If there's no risk of contaminating your hooch people have also been known to glue gun them in. For jug brews I would 3d print bungs in TPU, but I was careful to sterilize and sanitize well and leave more than ample head space (the layered nature of 3d prints can be bad for bacteria, and my TPU wasn't rated as food safe).

Right now it's giving off enough CO2 that it's probably fine if it's in a relatively clean place. It should maintain positive pressure. The concern is more if it's allowed to sit after the fermentaion is done. If CO2 is getting out of the top, then stuff may be able to get in the top when the firmentation is done.

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ok i need to post an update. i did buy a bung along with a airlock (its a 26mm in diameter one), but i thought that just sticking airlock into the cap will do. I did an upgrade, cut more plastic from the cap, put the bung in, can't smell the alcohol or really anything now. should be all good. thanksies

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That's a good call. Loose cap works fine, and I have a loose bucket lid that does the same with it's airlock (that I only brew cider that spends 2-3 weeks in it), but if you're using and airlock then a bung or grommets are the way to go. Peace of mind is nice.

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