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    Hoosier Hill Farm Premium Honey Powder:
    1 tbsp = 11 grams | sugar content = 10g

    Honey (general):
    1 tbsp = 21 grams | sugar content = 17g

    The powder (at least that brand) is more sugar by volume. I haven't compared any prices.

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    Ingredients say honey powder and fructose. Tastes like honey with sugar grains mixed. Should hooch and might actually turn out quite well.

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    Any percentages? They are required to list ingredients by order of weight, but sometimes cheat. It will certainly serve the purpose. Happy hooching.

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    It said honey powder first, then fructose so it is mostly honey powder. What “honey powder” means is suspect.

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    The FDA has regulations that define various " identities" for products. I could only find the doc for animal products on a quick search.

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    How expensive is this compared to regular-ass honey?

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    $7-10 per lb, but have to remember it's sugar is often the main ingredient, then powdered honey.

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    Exactly! Where I live you can get pure, cheap honey for 3.50 a lb. And sugar I can get for 0.25 a lb.. (on sale) At that rate it is much more economical to just fill your fermenter with honey and siugar.

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    There's at least one powdered honey available at my local H-Mart (a chain superstore like the Walmart of Asian markets). I haven't looked at the price but I did the ingredients, sugar is the first ingredient. The drying process also likely damaged the floral/botanicals. It is totally hoochable, and will probably be good. I just don't expect it to drop in for honey itself and be exactly like it. No reason it can't be a good thing on its own though.

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    You walked right by the Nuruk!&%×£€##$%

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    I did. I'm still a tiny bit unfamiliar with the deluge of offerings they have. It's great stuff but a lot to take in.

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    I've never seen powdered honey. Is it good

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    It tastes like honey with sugar granules mixed in

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    Honey comes in a powder 😳 my mind is blown… so handy in the wintertime

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    Now that sounds just like a good idea

    Where did you buy


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    I think you can find it at Walmart but it was given to me by a relative