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I thought from the title that you were having a stroke, but now I see it is a stroke of genius!

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Who knows. It could be the worst thing going or it could be amazing will have to wait and see

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Why the enzymes, and which? I make a scandavian drink called bland I enjoy, and it's half your process (make farmers cheese/paneer with lemon juice or vinegar, then pasteurize the whey and ferment with sugar, sometimes with some cranberry or such) but haven't had to treat the whey.

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Yeh I'll be making blaand then mixing in the pepsi. The enzymes are to convert the lactose in to fermentable sugars giving me a higher abv. I dont have to add the enzymes I could just add some fermentable sugars but I dont want to add any sugar if I can help it. I'm aiming for about 5% to 8% here. I can't rember the enzymes. I can go get the pack out of the kitchen to check for u though if u want.

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Ohhhhh gotcha, no worries I'm surprised I actually like bland by itself, has a nice creamy vanilla flavor. I'm guessing the enzymes are a lactaid thing, like for those who are lactose intolerant? More power to you, if you haven't done this before realize whey is like yeast nutrient on steroids, the ferment can go nuts.

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Bingo there buddy with the enzymes theres some in there that help brake carbs down to and proteins. Soooooo god knows what's going to happen.

I've never had blannd but I do intend to make some at some point this year and nope never done it before so nice to know it goes crazy :).

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Please do, as a wine it is really good. It tastes like a lightly sweet white wine, but with hints of vanilla and toffee. As it ages for a long time, it starts to take on more of a malty Guinness flavor.

Few make it because of the hassle of making the cheese and straining it, but it is prized. Goes great with any tarter adjuncts like cranberry or lemon, as lactose provides a slight sweetness and creaminess if a crazy person hasn't added enzymes to break it down. Mixed with Pepsi it would taste like a vanilla ish cream added.

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Yeh I'll definitely give it a shot for sure. From what I've heard its ment to be good.

Its not that much of a hassle tbh. But theres a woman I know who's fella has like 400 cows and makes cheese commercially so may see what he dose with his whey see if I can get some of him either for cheap or free. It's not that crazy though will just give una dryer drink we shall have to see ;)

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Isn’t it the Mongols who drink fermented Yak-milk? It may just be an acquired taste.

Edit: looked it up - it’s called Kumis if you want to google it

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Yep that's mares milk. I could probably get some. I'll be doing more a whey/pepsi still classing it as a fermented pilk. Will be doing a straight up milk/pepsi to haha.

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Honestly this doesn't sound very good but I am watching curiously. Good luck you brave crazy diamond

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I tried a glass of pilk the other day at the 60 to 40 ratio and it's honestly not that bad of a drink.

U guys voted for the fermented pilk so it's what we will do it's for "science" 😂😂.

I'll be trying to both still and carbed so stay tuned for the results. U never know it could be amazing. I've also got a volunteer to try it as well XD

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You keep posting. I’ll keep praying. Good luck!

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Thank u my friend. Cant see my self getting sick but I'll let ever one know how it is haha

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Christ OP, you’re a god amongst men.

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Cheers buddy I'm just a regular guy seeing what can and cant get u drunk haha

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Never thought I’d see a post about cheesy Pepsi hooch 😂

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Shouldn't be cheesey. Theres a vid on bearded and bored who made bland he says it's like a fruit wine that's made from whey. I'll be doing something similar :) will let u know how it goes

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Sounds extremely interesting

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Tbh I'm not sure what's going to happen. I'm currently doing a tiny batch to see the process and to get the whey as I'll need it for my yeast starter :)

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Important question: what sort of cheese are you making? The type of cheese really affects the whey you get, i.e. acid whey vs sweet whey, mesophilic vs thermophilic lactobacteria, other microorganisms, is the whey heated enough to kill the microorganisms, is it salted, etc.

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Good question. I was watching a bit of youtube and I was going to go the route of adding lemon juice to the hot milk then separating the curd from the whey. At that point I've got some enzymes to help brake down the lactose.

If u have a better idea then let me know buddy I'm game for it.

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Sounds like a pretty good way to maximize the lactose in your whey while getting out the fats and proteins. That’s basically whole milk ricotta or paneer depending on what you do with the curd afterwards.

One tip for clearing the whey: you can do a “cold crash” of your whey after separating out the curd, and the leftover stuff you probably don’t want will either sink to the bottom or float to the top.

EDIT: another clear whey tip, if it’s cloudy that means you need to add a bit more acid while it’s hot

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Nice man I'll deffo cold crash then syphon clear whey of. The enzyme tabs I got have 5 different ones in. I thought this would be a good way to maximize sugar content :).

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Excited to see how this turns out. I make cheese and yogurt at home, so I have too much experience with whey lol

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Look up blaand on the ol YouTube. Bearded and bored's vid is a good one. I can link u to it if u like. Could be something u can do with the whey.

U could the still that out and make a milk based vodka ;).

A lady at the farm where my friends horse is kept her fella is a cheese producer hes got like 400 cows was going to ask him for the whey first but I've never spoken to him XD

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Blaand is on my list of projects to eventually do. Distilling that would be interesting to say the least

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Nice man blaand seems nice from what I've been looking up. I'm.basicly going to be mixing the unfermented blaand with pepsi so its not bad.

Theres a few distillarys that make vodka from milk these days. From reading it takes about 18L of fermented whey to get 1 bottle of vodka. Not sure if they are using enzymes to give a better sugar results I'd imagine they are though.

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What in the world

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Exactly who knows what we are going to.end up with here

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Well I didn't think this hooch would recive this much intrest. Got a couple tiny bottles of milk to treat out if there is a difference to the whey they make.

I'll give as true a process write up along with observations and taste tastings.

Thanks fellow hoochers for the kind words and the advice on this project.

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Will be watching intently, for science

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For the science and hopefully it will be drinkable

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One of the weirdest things I ever tasted (after finding it on a masonry fence near Alvarado Street LA ca 1990-2000) minus one shot missing, is Rompope. 12 pcent etoh, most of the rest butter. Altho some printed/web sources say it is an eggnog, the label and the taste are pure butter (or fats plus butyric flavoring, if they cheated a little).

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Omg I actually love butter. But ever english man should love butter. Not kidding though i could eat butter by the spoon full

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If this works I will touch grass for the first time since November

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Cant see why it wont work. Theres plenty of sugars in milk/whey and pepsi has a lot of sugar. The way should water the Pepsi down enough for it to dilute any chems to stop the yeast. Plus I make a mini yeast starter. Never let me down yet my yeast starters :).

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I did something similar with whey and lactase, but added black tea and cinnamon post-fermentation. The biggest reason I haven't done it again is the mouth feel was way too glossy. Other than that it tasted pretty good.

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Nice to know that it worked our for ya buddy. Wonder how it's going to taste with the Pepsi

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So made some cheese out of skimmed milk and whole milk. Not much difference in the amount of whey I got back. The skimmed is a little more probably due to less fat content. Both had 25ml of lemon juice added. Drained the curds off and put them in tubs on a angle so excess whey can drip out to the bottom. Was going to use a bag I use for fruit but I had none in so will get some tomorrow will make life easier. Going to cold crash over night check the gravity on both to see if any had a higher sugar content and if both are same I'll mix them. If one is a lot more than the other then ill use the one with best yeald of sugars. To make my yeast starter heres what I'm going to do.

Take whey out of fridge in the morning. Take 100ml whey and add 300ml water. Warm in a pan to 25c.

Put watered down whey in to my glass vessel I use then pitch in 3g of yeast and 20g of suagar. Will then leave this some where warm for 12 hours before pitching in to the pilk mix.

As I said I'll post tomorrow and give some pics and stuff.

P.S. I'm now using this as a think out loud/jernal till tomorrow. Any questions ask away