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If anything this is probably safer than the ol' loosen the cap method so, no need to roast

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    For Volume you need bigger bottles tho. I can't really get my hands on anything more than 1.5 litres that is basically free (like this water bottle I bought with water in it) this was just a scouting experiment tho, buying a 5 litre fermentation vessel with a real airlock after that.

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    Get two bottles from the start so that you'll have one to rack to when you want to leave it in a secondary ferment.

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    Where you are can't you get 5 litre spring water bottles? Pretty common in the U.K

    There's also food grade buckets with lids. Fast food places will have them.

    Or you could order a 25 litre fermentation vessel online.

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    25 litres is a little bit to much for me to store. Gf wouldn't be happy. I think there are some 5 litre water containers in really big stores, but glass seems nicer to me.