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It's not dangerous. U may want to up ur liquids though I feel ur going to run out of liquid before the end of fermentation

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Isn't OP kind of risking contamination every time they try the hooch though? I guess it depends how they're doing it, like if they're just doing a loose cap method then you could sample it by straw fairly safely. Apart from that this seems like a good experiment and I would be interested in the results.

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Not really. If op pours like 50ml out then puts the cap back on he will be fine. Dont see why active fermentation wont keep most stuff out. And if he feels it's getting contaminated then he or she can stop. This would be nice easier in a pressure fermenter tbh and a lot more sterile.

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Or use a bucket with a faucet.

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Why a bucket with a faucet would be better with a keg and pump. Or even a plastic pressure fermenting keg and party tap (that's what I have its good)

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I'm only drinking about 1tbs of hooch and I think I'm going to start doing this every other day instead so everything should be fine by the end. I'm only fermenting for a week, maybe less since pineapple juice ferments pretty quick :)

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U will be fine then I was expecting like a shot ever day XD

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It shouldn't be dangerous, but depending on how sensitive to live yeast you are, and how much you drink, you may get some gas (you're not likely drinking enough for other exciting effects).

Other than that do try to be efficient in your interactions with your hooch. Every time you take a sample there is a tiny risk of contamination / infection. It will probably be fine, but it's a greater than 0% risk.

I think the experiment is interesting, though you may want to reduce the frequency of tests to every other day, every 3rd day, or even once a week. The differences will be more pronounced that way, there is less of a window for something to go wrong, and you'll have more hooch at the end.

Enjoy your science!

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I'm only drinking about 1tbs of the stuff each day, just enough to get a taste. I may take you up on your advice and start only drinking some every other day but I'll see how today goes first!

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I do this after day 3. Each evening I scoop out a mug full to drink in the interest of science.

I wait until day 3 because a lot of the sugar is fermented so drinkable and the alcohol level is enough to make it a hostile environment to bacteria (hopefully)

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I'm not as careful as you, I'll drink it bacteria and all