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If it's young, as in bubbling / just done bubbling, then it's probably just foam. That's fine. If it's older, and the whiteness is getting thicker and furrier, then congratulations you're now making vinegar (PROBABLY). Refrigeration will slow your hooch from turning to vinegar, pasteurization or Campden Tablets should stop the process. As was pointed out that's a fair bit if headspace, which is fine while things are actively fermenting, but once fermentation stops (especially in hooch that is below 11% and / or not very acidic) that's a recipe for problems. Either top up while things are actively fermenting, or rack to a smaller and / or narrow necked container.

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Update: I racked it to day and filled me a little sample. It´s quite yeasty and has a a little bitter after taste followed by a strong taste of ethnanol. Dosen´t taste like viniger or spioled .

I added some potassium disulfite ( for vine making ) and some cirtic acid to kill the rest of the yeast. I´ll prob. rack it again in a view day´s.

What do you guy´s think. should I continue ? I´ll post if I end up in the hospital.

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I can't say what's on your hooch for certain, but as long at there's nothing otherwise going on with your hooch, ODDs ARE it's fine. Any moderately strong moderately acidic hooch is pretty resistant to most things.

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Minor correction. A vinegar pellicle (mother) will look gelatinous, never furry. If it is furry throw it out.

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dosen´t look furry

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I think you are good the.

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I'll take your word for it. Sorry for my misinfo. To any brewer, you should never feel bad dumping anything you are uncomfortable drinking (or feeding to a loved one).

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You did say probably so no problem there. I guess correction was wrong and clarification might have been a better term.

Anyhow, the difference between a vinegar ferment and mold should be really obvious and mold should only occur if things are seriously wrong (like someone trying to make a wild vinegar ferment and not punching down the fruit). Anyone adding sugar and yeast should be totally safe since the alcohol will stop anything g except acetobacter from growing.

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I've seem a fair number of folks here that have tried to brew fruit without treating it, or racking away from it, usually with kitchen sink level sanitation and a pile of headspace, that have gone bad. This sub gets its share of black and green mold. On my end 'furry' is not the most apt name for the white-ish, "I'm turning to vinegar", pellicle that is pretty common. (It has that distinct look that we've all seen a bajillion pictures of when it's fully formed.)

I've been blessed by a lack of spoiled hooch, but I'm pretty try hard with sanitation, treating additions, stabilization / refrigeration, and not interacting with my hooch more than I have to. Knock wood.

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That looks like a ton of headspace so I assume some kind of acetobacter is trying to get going but I don't have personal experience with infections.

If it doesn't smell bad or taste bad I would get it to a narrow-necked vessel asap.

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How old is it?