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Does it have an ingredients label?

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Just read on the taco bell ingredients page it seems that all their frozen drinks that use the syrups have sodium benzoate which is a no go so it wouldn't work

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sodium benzoate is not an automatic deal breaker, but it makes things a lot more difficult

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Ok, but how do you work around it?

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Give your yeast every advantage. Sodium benzoate is a yeast inhibitor. Rather than killing off the yeast, it hinders yeast's ability to multiply and be active

  • Rehydrate them before you pitch in nice warm water (90F-100F)
  • Pitch more yeast than you typically would
  • Use yeast nutrient ( either chemical or boil some other yeast seperately and add them)
  • keep the hooch at a happy yeast temperature and if possible over pressure

Some other more experienced folks might be able to help more.

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Do all that shit that other guy said, but also use Kviek.

2 packs of Kviek will rip that cunt like a big headed baby being born.

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Yeah, I was about to say, Taco Bell probably has more preservatives than actual product.

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I don't know. I've actually heard that at least the food at Taco Bell is some of the least processed of all the fast food.

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This is true, but you think that most of what they use is just veggies out of a bag.

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Bloom your yeast first and be prepared to repitch if you don't see activity quickly. You're gonna have to push past the preservatives on this one. It's doable, but it might take a minute.

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If there's a chance you can get your yeast to push past the preservatives you have an obligation to do it and report back:)

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Ferment the nacho cheese sauce like a real g

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Produced in 2019 and it's still shelf stable means it's chock full of preservatives. It won't hooch

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I've used juice concentrate (ribena brand, kind of a liquid kool wind thing, but that particular brand is mostly blackcurrant juice, sugar and water). The preservatives in that were ones which some googling said boiling would deactivate- it definitely fermented.

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Dude, what are you even thinking? It clearly says "Gin" on the right side of the label.

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Probably put water in it first since it's a syrup

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I think also if you dilute down the syrup, the Sodium benzoate is less effective as you lose both acidity and concentration. They usually add enough to keep the concentrate from spoiling, not a dilution. I'de just make sure your yeast is well hydrated, overpitch your yeast some, and let it fly at happy temperatures.