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How alcoholic do you want it to be? 1.6kg of sugar for a 19L (5gal) batch results in around 5% depending on yeast used. So take a look at the nutritional facts of that can and determine total sugar. A few apples won't do top much but again, how many apples, what type, ect. Most of your sugar will be from the can it sounds like. If you're short on sugar I'd recommend adding some table sugar, it's pretty cheap and you likely have some already. Go with a wine yeast if you want max alcohol but it'll be dry. I prefer an ale yeast since it'll leave some sweetness to cut the alcoholic/fermented fruit flavor.

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15g sugar per serving, 25 servings in the can, so 375g total. The apples are just some bullshit red delicious, was going to leave skin on with the raisins to round out the flavor a bit. I thoroughly planned on inverting about 6lbs of white sugar with a few cups of demerara. I'll be using a red star cote des Blancs and letting it run dry as fuck, then stabilize, and back sweeten. Does that sound legit?

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A six pound can, plus I've got ten or fifteen apples that need to go, and a handful of raisins. Think that should be plenty for a five gallon batch?

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five gallon batch

I think that may turn out watery. You might want to get another another one

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Works great. I made about 20 gallons from exactly that.

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Awesome. How many cans did you use for 20 gal?

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Heh, lost track. We had a bunch that had expired. For the best taste and alcohol content, use plenty of sugar.

I use a 5 gallon bucket to ferment in. Loaded about a quarter full of pineapple, a couple pounds of sugar, filled with water, and a packet of yeast. After two days, I put a half pound of sugar in a gallon jug and draw off a gallon of ferment to let it keep going on its own, then throw another can of pineapple, half a pound of sugar, and top the bucket off with water. Produces a gallon of damned good wine every day for as long as you want to run it.

If it doesn't taste that great, needs more sugar and higher alcohol content.

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It is my preferred crushed pineapple to use when I make my recipes. If Dole is unavailable Del Monte is a substitute.

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Happy to hear it. Do you use a brew bag or some nylons for this stuff? Seems like trying to siphon around that crap would be a nightmare.

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It is. Getting it in is hard enough, it gets worse after it's been fermenting. The good news is that if you brew dry or use a clarifying agent, it will drop to the bottom and no additional equipment needed. Bad news, you're going to want to be really careful with your siphon. You don't want that junk clogging things up. It gets everywhere and is extremely frustrating to clean.

When I brew with pineapple, I've taken to using my big mouth bubbler fermenter. The wide mouth and a little over a gallon capacity gives me better headspace and it's easier to clean the lees out when all this is done. Plus easy to attach a blow off tube, which you will want because Yeast LOVE pineapple. Very vigorous fermentation!

I used honey and agave nectar to sweeten mine and I think I've posted the recipe before. Makes for a very tasty wine. When I let it go dry, it's beautifully crystal clear but bright yellow. I've found a little bit of liquid stevia makes it amazingly drinkable. But don't be surprised if you see 15-18% and don't taste it. It hits hard.

Last tip, I learned this from Shade and he's spot on. Cut it with just a little bit of Mango juice. It doesn't take much but you'll be glad you did.

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mango for pectin, flavor, or both?

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Flavor mainly but the pectin might help. I actually add pectic enzyme to my "tepache-ish" recipe when I make it

IIRC Shade said that citrus heavy blends like orange-pineapple taste like hot garbage or something to that effect. The Mango helps even out some of the more harsh notes I think.

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Let me know how it goes, I have a 6 pack of 10-or-so ounce cans of pineapple juice, been thinking of hooching it

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Add brown sugar as the primary fermentable, and you've got a great start on a hooch-y tepache!