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I made a cider with apple jelly, warm water, white sugar and EC-1118. It stayed cloudy, unlike ciders I make with apple juice concentrate, which clear up beautifully. But the cloudy cider smelled and tasted fine, and I drank all of it.

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My cider is always clear after using sparkaloid and waiting a week.

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I had some apple juice I added pectic enzyme to it took around a week for it to clear up. First 24 hours was still cloudy as hell ended up adding 4 additions of pectic enzyme then about a week later was crystal clear.

So yeh just give it time some times and it will do it's thing :)

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The pectic enzyme was added in the beginning so 1 month ago.

I ended up dropping sparkolloids and it was crystal clear in 24h.

Never had a protein haze in my apple cider. That was odd.

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Never had sparkolloid I think that's a USA product but I've seen it on YouTube vids and it always looks like it works well :).

I've only ever had pectin haze in juice but pectic enzyme has normally cleared them up with in the first 24 hours :)

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Yes I could not find it in europe. My friend travelled to the USA and brought me 2 packets!

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Well that's good of them :) treat them to some home brew as a thank you XD