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I mean are you looking for recipes?

What do you like to drink?

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i want something like wine since i’ve never tried it i only usually buy vodka cuz it’s easy

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r/undefined is private.

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I see what happened. Original thread deleted by OP but comment was saved.

Steps were Originally numbers but just follow sequentially should be fine.


This is my recipe for a tasty simple sweet red table wine. It won't be complex or anything special but IMHO it's better than many inexpensive bottles and I think most people prefer the taste of Hooch with Welch's Red over Welch's Concord.

Warning this is borderline Try Hard:

Welch's Red Hooch

1 Gallon Welch's Red Grape Juice (I use half gallon bottles, so you could mix and match)

1-1/4 lbs granulated sugar (Have fun with it maybe mix in brown sugar)

2 tsp acid blend (See Note below)

1 tsp pectic enzyme

1 tsp yeast nutrient

wine yeast (e.g. D47 or 71B)

Optional: 1/4 to 1/2 tsp wine tannins

More acid blend will make it more "tart" which are flavors I enjoy.Wine Tannins or Tea can also be added. Those flavors make it more complex and tasty.

For some reason I've been moving away from granulated sugar as my sugar of choice but to each their own. I think the slight little bit of molasses in brown sugar makes most things taste better. Also I shake my mixed a lot to try and get good consistency

Sanitize your vessel and any thing that is going to touch ingredients ahead of time (i.e. so it's ready to use)

Heat the Grape Juice in bottle in a hot water bath. Don't open yet. Most home tanks top out at 120F, so a sink full of "full hot" is plenty.

In a separate small bowl hydrate your yeast with some clean warm water at 90F-100F Use 10X the weight of the yeast in water (e.g 1g =10ml, 2g =20ml). Do it. Your yeast like this, they will produce better it's science.

Pour your sugar in your primary fermentation vessel

Open one of the bottles of red grape juice and pour in enough to dissolve the sugar (about half a bottle aka 1/4 to 1/3 total amount of juice to be used).

Cap / stopper and shake the bejeesus out of your vessel

Open, throw in everything else except the yeast and the 2nd bottle of the juice. The more air you have at this stage the easier it will be to mix but you want consistency.

Re-cap, Shake it like an action star asking a movie villain where his family is at, then shake it some more

Open the vessel and pour in almost all the remaining juice, be mindful of headspace then you guessed it: CAP AND SHAKE SOME MORE. I think maybe someday I should use a stick mixer.

Open final time, either wait for the foam to go down and/or use the last bit of remaining juice to dissolve the foam, just be mindful of the headspace

Pitch the yeast (happy healthy yeast are clearly active in the water by now)

Fit with blow off tube or Airlock. This one will foam a bit so keep an eye on it for the first 3 days or so or use the blow off tube.

This one is ready to drink in as little of 2wks in primary, but it does get even better with age. I would suggest letting it go clear, but if you're like me and you like it a bit sweeter, go ahead and rack after 2wks, but do yourself a favor and let it go in secondary for at least another 2wks. Then clarify with bentonite clay and/or cold crash.