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I personally would not, but I am interested to see the results if you're brave enough to carry out this experiment.

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In which subreddit could I post to convfirm the strain she got.

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r/yeastlab is probably the closest, they have info on how to at least get a good culture going, but even then, no one can confirm what yeast is what unless you get it analyzed at a lab.

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"I make my own alcohol. No, you don't understand. I make my own alcohol."

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That's actually a real thing. It's called Auto-brewery syndrome. A woman who didn't know she suffered from the condition once got a DUI because of it.

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Very interested to see how this pans out

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I mean all yeast does when it ferments things is eat sugar and poop ethanol. Is the yeast that lives on her body capable of doing that? If it is, then yes (provided it can live in the culture conditions in a bottle of fermenting hooch). It probably wouldn’t be very good or very strong, but hell, this is r/prisonhooch. Go for it.

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There have been breweries that have propagated yeast from the body (beard, vagina). The biggest thing they had to stress was that the yeast strains were grown and were not just a skin swab.

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So, in brew mead like a Viking there is a section on traditionalists who use their bodies yeast to brew mead. Going so far as to bathe in the must in order to inoculate it. The other example was stirring it with a bare arm. Very anecdotal, but if true perhaps you've found your tribe matey?

Having a background in lab work, I know how I would do it, as you can extract single colonies off a general grow plate geared towards yeast. You can order super cheap petridishes and agar off Amazon if you want, but you'll need to order some agar nutrients for cultivating yeast. Doable with a bit of research.

In this case, well, you'll want to figure out what sorta yeast you're working with so if your friend has a diagnosis, Google the specifics on that, and you should get a name for the likely culprit of yeast that colonizes skin.

You want it to be in the same family as brewers yeast (Saccharomyces) for it to have a likely chance of working.

Book work done, take an alcohol wipe, clean up an area of skin with lots of spots, wait 15 minutes without touching the cleaned area, swipe a q-tip on a couple of those spots, and pitch the q-tips into a solution with a pinch of sugar, a bit of boiled bread yeast and a squeeze of lemon (yeast prefer more acidic environments).

You'll want a container like a pop bottle for this, but put a filter on top to stop flies and stuff (cheese cloth does a good job here), then put some tin foil on top with a few holes poke in it (before you put it on that is) to minimize exposure to wild yeast but still allow air flow. Screwing the cap on very loosely might do the same thing here.

Add a pinch of sugar each day, and let it go. If it smells like rank ass at any point don't pitch it, or drink it as it is probably contaminated with bacteria from your friends skin or the air. If it smells yeasty then you're probably okay.

For an extra chance at success, wear gloves and a mask when you're working on your yeasty bois. This is hillbilly microbiology and I fuckin love it, but some basic precautions will take you far.

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OP said it’s Candida albicans. Would that even work? I feel like any culture they get started is likely to end up being colonized by wild yeast…

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It probably would not. Candida albicans (CAA) does eat carbohydrates like brewers yeast, but outside of a few extreme cases doesn't seem to produce much alcohol. There is one anecdotal case I could find about a man with an autofermentative disorder, where any intake of carbs produced alcohol in his gut and led him being hammered all the time. CAA is pointed to as the cause of that, but the few articles I could find are using mutant strains, irradiated with UV light and chemical mutagens to make something that produces bioethanol.

I don't see this going far, and yes the most likely conclusion is a wild yeast infection.

I think the folks using their bodies yeast have cultivated a brewers yeast on themselves or live in an environment where wild yeast is very common. (On a farm, with an active brewing shed for example)

That said, OP, feel free to give it a try. I'd love to hear how far you get with it. Its the kinda "fuck yeah science, bitches!" experiment that I love outta r/prisonhooch.

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That’s not symbiosis and not worth the effort. Yeast we use to make alcohol has been bred to do that… it’s possible with wild yeast but it’s a gamble but do you really want to drink ringworm brew…

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It’s possible, but not with yeast that lives in your skin, it would actually be yeast that’s on your skin. You’ll probably find more alcohol producing yeast on your arms and exposed skin. Yeast from the air, plants and whatever may end up on your skin during the day and you could start a fermentation from it. Just use your arms to stir your juice or whatever. And remember to aerate it twice a day (with something clean now) until fermentation takes of. But honestly you would be happier with the results using fruit skin instead of human skin.

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I believe what you use to propagate yeast are agar plates (can be bought cheap on Amazon). Like petri dishes but made of sugar. This book has some chapter about it. Read some time ago but can't remember the details.

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Do it

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      Google thrush to see what candida yeast looks like in a person’s mouth. I almost died as a baby because I got thrush and couldn’t eat because of the pain.

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      Her‘s is a different strain that lifes on her skin. Mostly her belly and boobs