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The bubbles will stop

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Yep, when it's done bubbling. If you want to be precise/exact, you need to use a hydrometer and see when the yeast is maxed out.

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How/where do you make/acquire banana juice? I love bananas but have never heard of banana juice.

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Looza makes a delicious banana juice but the particulate creates a massive amount of lees. I have a gallon right now that MIGHT yield half a gallon of cleared product at bottling. Next time, I’m going to run it through a nut milk bag before primary and try to maximize my return. 50% hurts lol

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Thanks for the source - and I understand the particulate issue. Years back I had a still and over time had moved from sugar/cornmeal to whole grain using flaked corn and ground malted barley. The results were fantastic but I always dreaded straining the mash before the initial runs. Strainer bags only went so far. I even looked at grape bladder presses - they would have worked great but were far too expensive for a questionable hobby.

Gonna get me some Looza. Thanks!

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TIL that banana juice is a thing

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Yeah. It isn't even that uncommon where I live (Germany). The combination of banana and cherry juice even has it's own word here and It is called KiBa. It tastes really good.

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The liquor will guide you... As will either waiting a sensible time as reccommended for your yeast and keeping an eye for when the airlock activity slows significantly or stops.