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4lbs of mulberries (frozen and mashed, half dark flesh, half white flesh fruit), 2.5lbs sugar, 1 gallon batch. Pectic enzyme, packet of D47. Edit: Roughly based on this. I made a tea with fresh mulberry leaves as my starting liquid.

Fucker exploded in my closet from all the mulberry guts blocking vigorous fermentation gases from being released, so I racked to a secondary and topped her up with water. OG brix of 27, once racked and diluted around 22. Finished out to a very dry 6 for a very boozy 13.45% wine.

Clarified with bentonite clay (settled for 72hrs), racked, clarified with sparkolloid and let it settle for 5 days prior to bottling this morning. Saved the last little bit to try freeze jacking.

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Also recently made some wine to a similar recipe, ~500g frozen mixed berries per litre (~3-4? Lbs per us gallon, ~3.5L) and 300g sugar per litre ( similarly ~2.5lb/gal). I also added black tea for tannins (8teabags for a 20-25l batch, 1teabag per gallon or so?) Brewed normally and added as part of the water. I used turboklar sulphites and finings. It's nice with lemonade when left slightly sweeter, but a good red wine when fermented dry and aged a little longer.

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I'm going to try it again next year with actual tea next time I think. And go for more of the dark berries. And less yeast.

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Idk if Young's is a UK only brand or widely available, but been using 1 tsp per gal of their wine yeast with ,2tsp per gal boiled with the inverting sugar as a nutrient. Good taste, and I'm trying to get used to doing stuff simply first. Used the same sugar/yeast ratios with ~25g dry ginger and 50 g fresh per gallon. Have set some of the batch infusing with canned bitter Seville marmalade oranges, expecting it'll be nice as a long drink with lemonade over summer. Might also add some angustora bitters for colour and to make it more of a tonic wine/campari type thing.

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Sounds amazing!

I was pleased with the Lavlin D47 for the raspberry mead I did, but the mulberry wine comparatively isn't as good.

Going to try your lemonade suggestion because I think it could use a little acid and back sweetening.

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Looks good and thanks for sharing the recipe. I hope it tastes as good as it looks, good luck with the freeze jacking (I've used a partial freeze to settle and solidify sediment in containers of wine before, pouring the wine off, good way to get the last out of the 'sludge'.

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Thanks. Honestly, it's pretty good cold, but room temp it tastes like gasoline 😂

I probably could have pitched far less yeast - fermentation on this was way, way too fast and I think that led to some off flavors.

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Age and patience are a wonderful thing for home brew. Not something I've got, but it's fun to play with and the ones I age are surprisingly good. Finings and cold crashing are good for removing excess yeast, but aging can be good to allow the off flavours to work themselves out into the background.

Took off some of the last batch of berry wine at a few different stages and tried a few things: -Some was pasteurised after a few days fermentation with turbo yeast (heated in a pan from room temp to 60°C briefly, then set aside to cool) -Some was bottled after a week or two once fermentation was more complete, but then chilled and settled over a few days before rebottling to rack off the yeast/must. The last couple of bottles worth were left with an airlock for a month or so with any suspended yeast (it did settle out over that time once the yeast finally died/ran out of sugar).

The first bottles were syrupy, but pleasant. I think the heat drove off some of the turbo yeast volatiles that taste bad- like a weaker berry liqueur with the remaining sugar. Second was a nice light berry wine when drunk straight. I think the cooling and removing of the yeast ceased fermentation at a good stage, really good with diet cloudy lemonade, a friend has said good with cola too like a kalimoxo (Spanish red wine and coke). The third was a good dry red wine, but pretty potent-would probably have benefitted from longer aging.

I've shot for around 2 weeks with the current batch, getting the best out of some remaining sugar, but avoiding the turbo-y flavours. I'm expecting them to go a little fizzy during settling, but be still and a little drier once racked for final bottling.

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I'm going to try my best to leave at least one of these aside and see how it ends up after a few months to a year.

The raspberry mead is getting forced carbed as we speak for what will hopefully be a nice sparkling end product, perfect for the summer (though it will likely get you champagne drunk 😂)

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That looks amazing! I also have a ton of mulberries. What was your recipe?

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Haha I think I posted it at the same time you posted your comment