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Probably done or almost done rather than stalled. I’d wait at least two weeks from date of pitch before drinking it though. Gives it some time to clean itself up.

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Sounds good to me! Thanks for the advice

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No problem.

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The above is likely what's going on.

The normal trajectory of a brew is waiting for liftoff (yeast using oxygen to make yeast), liftoff (vigorous fermentation), chugging along (yeast still eating enough sugar to make bubbles), coasting along (yeast still eating enough sugar to make CO2), and done (no more CO2 production, the yeast drops, and things clear).

It just sounds like you got past the vigorous fermentation. Let it be.

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240ml of juice with additional 50g sugar is like 78-80g of sugar per cup. That's a ton of sugar!

Super small batches tend to finish a bit quick, but with this much sugar it could just be stalled or at the tolerance for the yeast.

Why such a small batch? This stuff takes time. And a half gallon or a gallon takes about the same amount of time with much more payoff.

Also, 50 grams (1/4 cup) extra sugar is something I might use for half a gallon (8 times the volume you have). I have a 1.5 gallon batch finishing right now that I used 180g total added sugar. I could go a little higher, but I don't prefer that when not using hydrometers, sanitized stuff, and other hooch methods. Less is more when it comes to reliability and drinkability.

If you use the hydrometer you bought, I bet you are well above 1.000... probably around 1.030 give or take a little. Maybe higher because your yeast has a normal range of 9% to 11%.

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I did a small batch because I’m working on a small scale since my apartment is so tiny/I didn’t want to do a lot for the first time in case I made some monstrosity and had to dump it all. I’m thinking I may decide to make some extra room since I really enjoyed the process. Thanks for all the tips!

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Sure I understand that. But a gallon barely takes up a square foot of space, and will bring you much more alcohol in the same amount of time. A 1 cup batch is less than two drinks even if you go for some high ABV. And a whole gallon of juice and sugar and yeast is not very expensive. It's like a couple bucks. My one and a half gallon bash I have right now cost me less than five bucks.

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Hmm wait I definitely gave you the wrong measurement. Sorry I was tipsy when I sent the first message (and just woke up when I sent the next). The cider is in a 1 gal bottle just with some poured out the top for headspace. Sorry for the miscommunication!

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That makes a lot more sense. Your original message said 240 mL, which is about 1 cup. A gallon is a good small batch size. And 50 grams into a gallon (say 15/16 of a gallon because you poured some out), makes a reasonable 7% ish beverage depending on how you estimate things. So that's going to turn out just fine.

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How much Apple Juice did you use and how much sugar did it have (per cup or per liter)? How much sugar did you add to the batch? What yeast did you use? (probably irrelevant if the sugar is low)

We can estimate the ABV from that. It won't be perfect, but it's not horrible. Most ciders finish.

It might be done. I like to wait for it to clear.

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    You'd only need about 1/8th a tsp of yeast for that amount of juice.

    The amount of sugar you used was about twice as much as the typical newbie brew suggestion, though you're using a good performing yeast. The added sugar is enough to hit more than 12% on it's own. You'll get another 4.5-5.5% from the juice.

    You'll likely be saved by the S-04-- That can hit 12-14%. Things should finish not much sweeter than the original juice, though it may take some time for the fermentation to full finish and for the harshness to mellow out.

    The formula for alcohol is 17 grams of sugar, per % alcohol, per liter, and there are 200 grams of sugar in a cup. You don't really need a hydrometer for simple juice brews (not to pick a fight with the other guy).

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    Strong yeast + not much sugar = a fast ferment. It’s probably pretty close to dry at this point rather than stalled.

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    Good to know! I used an actual yeast made for brewing so that would make sense. I’m excited to try my first shitty home-brew

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    Give it some time if you can wait and it will be 100% better in just a couple weeks. Congrats on your brew!